The youth of today is tomorrow’s future. We believe that equipping the youth of today with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge sets the foundation for the future. The Sport Singapore aims to accomplish this through developing a sporting community for youth. To guide the community, the National Standards for Youth Sports has been established. 

A Sporting Lifestyle
Research has shown that participation in sports is associated with health and well-being, and the development of life skills such as problem-solving, communication, decision-making, leadership, perseverance and time-management. Further, positive experiences in sports during one's youth have also been associated with lifelong sports participation in one's later years. 

Such values and practices are critical in preparing our youth for the future.

Sportsmanship and Values

Unfortunately, there are instances in sports where less-than-desirable behaviours are displayed. Behaviour such as the use of physical activity as punishment, name-calling, teasing, inappropriate physical contact and an unhealthy 'win-at-all-costs' approach to competition have taken place in the youth sports scene.

Such behaviours are contrary to the values of sports and the upbringing of our youth.

Principles and Standards

Given the above circumstances, there is a need to establish a set of standards in youth sports to ensure that our youth reap the full benefits of sports participation, maximise their potential, and grow with the values that will see them well into their adult years. The NSYS steps in to fill this purpose.

The principles and standards set out in this document have been specially crafted to ensure that youth sports in Singapore is organised, planned and delivered in a healthy, wholesome and positive environment for our youth, while issues such as violence, abuse or other unsporting behaviour are kept at bay.

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