• 'LIVE' 2019 Issue - Giving Back!

    1 Feb

    In this edition, 'Giving Back', we share the stories of ordinary people who have activated sport as a force for good and make Singapore a better place.

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  • 'LIVE' 2018 Issue - We Are Singapore!

    1 Dec

    In this edition, "WE ARE SINGAPORE!", you will get to see how sport brings our people together through the many exciting events such as 2018 Asian Games, 2018 World Cup, 2018 International Champions Cup and celebrate together as one nation in our yearly signature event - GetActive! Singapore.

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  • Making A Difference

    Minister Tan Chuan Jin graces Sat Night Lights central launch

    Want to make a difference in the community or someone's life? Join Team SportCares and help activate sport as a force for social good.

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Partner with Us

  • Partner with Us

    Sport Singapore welcomes local and international partners. Together, we can discuss how we can leverage on sports as a strategy for your business.

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