Values and Principles in Sports (VPS)

With effect from March 2015, the NSYS workshops will be replaced by the Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) workshops.  

Apart from covering key content from the previous NSYS course, the new VPS workshop will also enable participants to develop their own personal coaching philosophies, design sports programmes with the ‘Game of Life’ Framework and leverage values and attributes in the development of a successful sports team. 

Please take note that attendees of the previously offered ‘NSYS for Coaching in Singapore Schools” (NSYS) and “Building Capacity of Coaches and Instructors” (BCCI) workshops are deemed to have fulfilled Ministry of Education’s (MOE) requirements for registration of all sports coaches and instructors in schools and they do not need to attend the new VPS workshop. For coaches who had completed modules 1-3 in the previous NSYS or BCCI, they will be required to sign up for a bridging workshop with MOE on the fourth module in order to fulfil MOE’s requirements.    

The new VPS workshop is one of the six topics under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Theory Level One Programme and exemption of attendance from VPS can be sought. You may click here to find out more information on the SG-Coach Programmes.

Please note that the VPS workshop is conducted in English.

Workshop Registration

For enquiries and registration on VPS workshops, please refer to our course calendar or contact Coach Development department at

Details on registration for instructors offering co-curricular and enrichment activities in school can be found at For information regarding registration with Ministry of Education or the bridging workshop on the fourth module of NSYS or BCCI, you may email or call 6468 4293.


  • NSYS Supporting Partners

    Sport Singapore works with various partners, including government agencies, private organisations and the respective NSAs to support the youth sporting community. Together, we look forward to building the future of sports in Singapore.

    Read more NSYS Supporting Partners

  • Principles and Standards

    The National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS) outlines three (3) principles and nine (9) standards that will uphold Singapore's commitment to its youth in sports. These principles and standards stem from an underlying philosophy that no child should be left behind or left out in sports, and that every youth be given the opportunity to enjoy sports and grow through his or her participation in sports.

    Read more Principles and Standards

  • School Resources

    NSYS School resources have been designed to facilitate the learning of NSYS values and messages in a fun and educational manner.

    Read more School Resources

  • Whom is the NSYS Meant for

    This National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS) is meant for all youth 18 years and under and all adults and organisations who work or have contact with these youths in sports. These stakeholders - coaches, parents, sports teachers, youth sports event organisers, sports officials and managers, members of the media and photographers, spectators and even other older athletes - should all be aware of the principles and standards set out in the National Standards for Youth Sports.

    Read more Whom is the NSYS Meant for

  • Roles of Stakeholders

    We seek to provide a healthy and fun environment for youth to engage in sports. For the best interests of youth athletes, identified stakeholders have the responsibility to abide by the NSYS.

    Read more Roles of Stakeholders

  • Why NSYS

    The youth of today is tomorrow’s future. We believe that equipping the youth of today with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge sets the foundation for the future. 

    Read more Why NSYS

  • NSYS Framework

    NSYS Framework

    The NSYS Framework summarizes the principles and standards of the NSYS, serving as a guide for the behaviours and practices of identified stakeholders.

    Read more NSYS Framework

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