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Upcoming Game For Life Toolkit Sharing Workshops


What The Workshop Is About

Not only is sport fun, it can also teach us values and lessons about life.

Using sport as a strategy to get our youths “future ready”, the Game for Life Framework was designed as a tool for PE teachers to implement in lessons and sports programmes for character building. The Game for Life Workshop for educators will equip teachers with the necessary skills required to intentionally design sporting activities to develop qualities such as leadership, discipline and teamwork in their students.

Each workshop will cover:

  • Principles and Concepts of the Game For Life framework
  • Implementation of the GFL framework in PE lessons to date
  • Practical & Experiential segment on GFL implementation
  • Q & A

Workshop for Physical Education (PE) Teachers

No upcoming GFL workshops currently.

For any queries regarding the Game-for-Life toolkit, please email us.


Workshop for Coaches

No upcoming GFL workshops currently.

Values and Principles in Sport (VPS) Workshop

Coaches who are interested in Game For Life can attend Values and Principles in Sport (VPS) workshop which will cover the Game For Life approach to developing character and leadership through sport. You may refer to our course calender to register.

For any queries, please email Leadership Development Department.

Click here to find out more about the Game For Life Toolkit.

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