The Game for Life Guide equips you with know-how to integrate character and leadership development into the sport arena, which encompasses a skill practice drill, fitness activity, game play, match or competition training, and even an outdoor corporate training session.

CHAPTER ONE provides an overview of the importance of intentional and deliberate effort to create teaching moments to build character and leadership.

CHAPTER TWO showcases several prominent local
personalities who share one common thread, despite their widely differing backgrounds and life paths. They credit their pursuit of sport with lasting values such as respect, responsibility and resilience that were fundamental to the success in their lives. Each narrative also comes with reflection questions to enhance understanding on the character building process. A sample of DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam's narrative from the guide can be referenced here.

CHAPTER THREE presents the Framework. It features the use of games and sport activities and specific role performing for the learning and development of values and attributes.

The Guide also contains easy-to-use templates for design and planning of training sessions.

So whether you are a sport coach, a physical and sport educator at a learning institution, or even a corporate trainer providing adult learning through outdoor programmes, this Guide is for you!

The Framework

Given the need to be intentional and purposeful in designing sport programmes to inculcate character values and attributes, the Framework provides a structure for developing character and leadership through sport.

It contains practical approaches to enhance character development efforts. Its broad design offers a catalyst for significant custom crafting by coaches and sport instructors to help individuals and institutions devise their own approach to performance and character development.

The Framework constitutes three elements that have to be integrated and implemented for effectiveness: identifying the values and attributes of good character; establishing the platforms through which desirable values can be developed; and executing a purposeful action plan for intentional teaching and effective values development.

Check out some videos here of the Game for Life Framework:

  1. Introduction to GFL Framework
  2. Applying the GFL Framework
  3. Role Learning

How do I get a copy of the Game For Life Guide?

The Game For Life (GFL) Guide is not for sale, however, it would be made available for you after you have attended the GFL toolkit training. At present, the training is conducted by our training partner, Republic Polytechnic. 

You may visit this link for more information on the workshop at Republic Polytechnic.


"We take notice of values more often....everyone understands, we keep them in mind and they actually help in our skills execution as well."
Member, SMU Women Football Team

"Values education is not new in our school so I was not particularly excited when first approached by Sport Singapore. Upon closer understanding, I realised that the Framework, especially the Check-Act-Reinforce component, contains layers of insights for a richer learning experience for the students.The guidelines and templates provided are also handy when planning my classes."
P.E. Teacher, Temasek Secondary School

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