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    Intentionally Teaching Values In Sports Coaching Can Improve Performance

    5 June 2017 - During a community of practice sharing session, netball coaches were introduced to the idea of intentionally teaching values to youths during sports activities and training. 

    “Actually, as all the coaches have mentioned, we have been doing it in all our training sessions, but we didn’t notice,”
    said Ong Chin Chin, netball coach. “So now, I try to make it more specific and intentional. And I realised it is good to bring it out intentionally. The girls will remember it.”

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  • Game For Life

    games for life

    Sport Singapore developed the Game For Life Toolkit that features the use of game activities and specific role playing for the learning and development of performance, social and moral values and attributes. This enables training, education and coaching professionals to create teaching moments, where learning values can be infused into any sporting experience for every individual.

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  • Team Up Programme

    Team up programme

    TeamUP-Team Development Through Sport enables companies to engage their staff through fun and exciting sporting activities and having reflective conversations that are constructive and useful to develop more effective teams.  

    “Business owners often tell me that they are unable to retain talent. Could it be due to their obsession on bottom lines? I feel they need to create an environment that advocates and encourages fair play, positive attitude, and enthusiasm to contribute. My hope is that SMEs will utilise TDTS to help them create such an environment.”~ Vera Lim (SME Centre)

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  • Partnership with Sports Leadership

    Partnership with Sport Leadership

    Under the recommendation of Vision 2030, sport is used as a strategy in developing our nation to be a rugged society that is resilient as we head into a more competitive future. The Character & Leadership Development Department (CLD) believes in working with partners to achieve this objective and welcomes partnership with not only local but overseas institutions and agencies. 

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  • Resources

    Sport leadership game for life

    As part of LDD's collaboration with partners to study the impact of sport on character and leadership development in the youth sector and team development in the corporate sector, LDD has analyzed the data and impact analysis reports are available for download. Watch this spot for more decks and reports on the impact of sport on positive youth development and corporate team development.  

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