For At-Risk Youth

Great sports programming is only the beginning for the at-risk youth in our programmes. Because through sports, comes myriad possibilities.

The SportCares Experience

When we engage our youth in the SportCares core sport programmes like football, athletics, basketball and swimming, they get to know more about themselves, pick-up the value of grit and learn to label and manage their emotions using the principles of sports.

And when they begin to see the possibilities in themselves, we connect them to learning beyond sports. Through the SportCares Development Programmes, our youth learn to sharpen pertinent life skills such as communication, leadership and coaching.

And throughout the whole endeavour, our youth are constantly reminded that their vulnerabilities are the greatest measure of courage and they owe it to their personal experiences to show-up and be seen in the community, helping those in need.

Through sports, an entire life can change.

Abdul Thaslim SportCares Runner

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