28th SEA Games to Culminate in a Party for the People

27 Apr 2015

• Closing Ceremony on 16th June to be the final celebratory party for the Games
• Unveiling of the official victory medal design for athletes
• Audience at the closing ceremony will receive a Supporters’ Medallion
• 28th SEA Games stamps to go on sale from 5th June

SINGAPORE, 27 April – With just 39 days to go to the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, the promise of a true spectacle for all communities comes to life with its final celebratory party – the 28th SEA Games Closing Ceremony on 16th June 2015.

Spectators can expect a visually stunning Closing Ceremony, as they come together with friends new and old. Highlights include performances by local artistes as well as Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten, well known globally for being a trance producer pioneer and legend.

Ms Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Creative Director, Show-Opening and Closing Ceremonies (OCC), Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) EXCO, said: “The 28th SEA Games will be a time to not just profile the achievements and efforts of our homegrown athletes, but to celebrate the new stories and relationships forged through the Games with our friends from the region.

“Aside from being a visually stunning Ceremony, the audience can expect elements of a great party – great music in the form of a mini concert and also exclusive performances by leading global DJ Ferry Corsten.”

Beatrice also shared that a parade of stamps will be another highlight of the Ceremony. “We will have life-sized SEA Games stamps telling us the story of the Games. It will be a visual treat for the audience,” added Ms Beatrice.

The 28th SEA Games stamps is a collaboration between SINGSOC and SingPost. The stamps commemorate the return of the SEA Games to Singapore after 22 years and will go on sale from 5th June. More details will be shared later.

Medal to go for

At the Closing Ceremony brief, SINGSOC also unveiled the official medals for the 28th SEA Games. The medal design brings together the vibrantly coloured 28th SEA Games logo on its front and the iconic Singapore Sports Hub – the main venue for the Games – on the reverse side.

Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chairman of SINGSOC EXCO, who revealed the medal design at the event, said: “A medal is a story of years of training, dedication and sacrifice. The 28th SEA Games medal is intended to celebrate these extraordinary and colourful journeys and spirit of Southeast Asian athletes. We hope that the design of the medal around the logo for the 28th SEA Games, which embodies the winning spirit of athletes and the art and grace of sporting endeavor, will inspire the memories and stories of excellence and courage long after the competitions.”

Supporters’ Medallion for all at Closing Ceremony

Helming the Ceremonies through its Artillery Formation, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have been working hand in hand with over 5,000 volunteers and performers in preparations for the Ceremonies.

Colonel Lawrence Lim, Chairman of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (OCC) said, “Our preparations for the OCC are on track. Our participants have completed more than 100 component trainings and rehearsals, sacrificing their weekends over the past 2 months and we have recently completed our first combined rehearsal at the National Stadium. It was definitely an inspiring experience for our participants!”

A surprise for all audiences at the Closing Ceremony was also revealed, where spectators at the Closing Ceremony will all receive a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir – the Supporters’ Medallion, which is closely modeled after the 28th SEA Games Gold medal.

“The Supporters’ Medallion represents Singapore and the region’s support and solidarity towards the athletes and participants of the 28th SEA Games. These Medallions along with the memories and friendships forged during the Games will definitely be something that one can keep and maintain for years to come,” said Colonel Lawrence Lim.

Tickets to Closing Ceremony still available

SINGSOC announced that tickets to the Opening Ceremony are sold out. Tickets to the Closing Ceremony, priced from $12 to $40, are still available.

Concession prices are made available to students, senior citizens and full-time National Servicemen. There is also a 20% discount off every purchase of four or more tickets, to encourage family and friends to catch the Games in action.

For more information, please refer to www.seagames2015.com/tickets.


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