New Integrated Complex At Bedok Town Hub Promises A Total Wellness Experience For Residents

25 Jul 2014

Multiple agencies work together to promote holistic wellness of the body and mind and strengthen community bonds among Bedok residents

Singapore, 25 July 2014 - Bedok residents will enjoy a whole new total wellness experience at the upcoming Bedok Integrated Complex (BIC) at Bedok Town Centre when it opens in 2017. The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the BIC will take place on Saturday, 26 July 2014. It will be witnessed by more than 1,500 residents and grassroots leaders (GRLs). Joining the residents and GRLs are Grassroots Advisers to East Coast GRC Grassroots Organisations (GROs), Minister Lim Swee Say, Senior Minister of State Mr Lee Yi Shyan and Minister of State Dr Mohd Maliki Osman.

2. GRLs from Kampong Chai Chee GROs had embarked on a series of consultation exercises with residents since plans for the BIC was announced in 2011 as part of the “Remaking Our Heartlands” plan for the East Coast area by the Housing & Development Board. The GRLs created various communications platforms for residents to voice their ideas, views and needs. Some 11,000 residents were eventually surveyed.  The GRLs also gave feedback to co-locating partners so that the facilities and programmes that would eventually be launched would meet the different needs of residents and serve them better.

3. “Feedback from our GRLs suggests that our residents much prefer a single location for family activities. In this way, parents with kids, grandchildren and grandparents can all come together as families to enjoy themselves. Hence in the design of the BIC, we endeavoured to incorporate amenities that cater to all age groups and are family-friendly. We hope in this way our Bedok residents can strengthen their bonds together,” said Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Adviser to East Coast GRC GROs.

4. Built on the current Bedok Adventure Park along Bedok North Street 1, the BIC is conveniently located at Bedok Town Centre with a site area of about three football fields (approximately 21,696 sqm). It will house Kampong Chai Chee Community Club (CC), Bedok Sports Centre, SingHealth Polyclinics - Bedok, Bedok Eldercare Centre and Bedok Public Library, among a variety of other facilities.  

5. As a total wellness – family lifestyle hub, BIC will offer residents of all ages facilities and programmes that cater to their social, mental and physical wellness. Below are the programmes and services that Bedok residents can look forward to. 

Kampong Chai Chee CC

6. The revamped Kampong Chai Chee CC, being co-located with various other facilities in the BIC, will open up a multitude of new possibilities for Bedok residents of all ages.  For a start, members from the CC’s various Interest Groups, such as Hip Hop Dance and Japanese Drum (Daiko) will be able to pursue their interests and even perform for the community at the open plaza on the ground level of the BIC.  Seniors and their caregivers can attend wellness talks and care-giving courses organised by the CC and supported by the Bedok Polyclinic and Bedok Senior Care Centre.   

7. Kampong Chai Chee CC will also cater to the needs of three-generation families – for instance, when parents drop off their children at the child care centre or music class, they can sign up for Bokwa classes at the CC’s new dance studios or hone their culinary skills at the CC’s new culinary studio, while the grandparents indulge in senior water fun courses conducted by the CC at the covered swimming pool. 

Bedok Sports Centre

8. Bedok Sports Centre comes with uniquely designed sports facilities – six sheltered tennis courts, a sports hall with eight badminton courts, and two sepak takraw and silat courts. The sports centre will also have five pools for leisure and exercise (including one sheltered training pool) in a resort-style setting that aims to encourage social gatherings.  For example, residents will be able to stage birthday parties and enjoy barbecues by the pool.

9. To complement the modern and inviting facilities, Sport Singapore through ActiveSG will offer a comprehensive suite of well designed, enjoyable and affordable programmes for all ages, leveraging on the expertise of the Singapore Sports Institute in sports science. Ultimately, the sports facilities and ActiveSG programmes will enable greater community participation and enable residents and their families to live better through sport.

SingHealth Polyclinics – Bedok

10. The Polyclinic will adopt a wellness-centric approach and will empower patients to undertake self-care for their chronic conditions through patient education and community help programmes.

11. It will aspire to provide the pivotal link with the regional health system and community health partners to support patients across the continuum from prevention to palliation. The polyclinic building will also have age-friendly features (e.g. barrier free access, non-slip floors and hand-rails along corridors) so that patients can navigate around the new polyclinic safely and efficiently. 

Bedok Eldercare Centre

12. The eldercare centre will support seniors with multiple care needs to age-in-place within the community as far as possible. The eldercare centre will integrate both health and social care services (e.g. personal care, meals and daily activities) to support the needs of seniors in the community. It will offer a range of services under one roof for the convenience of our seniors:
• Social and recreational activities to promote healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning 
• Day care services which provide personal care, meals and daily activities
• Healthcare services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and basic nursing care. 

13. This gives family caregivers an option to leave their loved ones in the centre’s care with peace of mind when they are at work. The centre can support up to approximately 100 seniors per day.

Bedok Public Library

14. When the new Library is ready, it will serve as a welcoming community space that brings visitors of all ages together to read, learn and discover. Visitors can look forward to more inspiring and cosy reading and learning spaces. They will enjoy a wide range of programmes and activities such as story-telling sessions, arts and craft programmes, drama workshops and many more. To cater to the needs and interests of seniors, NLB will also organise an array of programmes and talks suitable for them.


Please refer to "Factsheet on groundbreaking ceremony for Bedok Integrated Complex" for more information.

[updated April 2016] Find out more about Heartbeat@Bedok (Bedok Integrated Complex).

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