Vision 2030 Implementation Begins With SportsCares

25 Aug 2012

New 20th Recommendation Added to Vision 2030 Report In Final Submission to Government
Singapore, 25 August 2012 - SportCares, a new initiative to use sport as a force for social good, received its first donation at the "Football With A Heart" (FWAH) charity fundraiser dinner, lead-organised by Singapore Pools. SportCares is the first recommendation to be implemented under Vision 2030. The final Vision 2030 report was recently completed and includes a new 20th recommendation.

Launch of SportCares

2. Commenting on the objectives of the SportCares Movement and Foundation, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr Chan Chun Sing, who is also the Chairman of the Vision 2030 Steering Committee, said: "When we shared the preliminary recommendations of Vision 2030 earlier this year, we envisioned using sport as a strategy to enable Singaporeans to lead better lives, regardless of age, ability or status. SportCares will allow us to leverage on the power of sport to improve the lives of Singaporeans who are less fortunate."

3. SportCares will provide more opportunities for the vulnerable segments in society to grow and develop lifelong skill sets, via quality coaching and greater access to customised facilities and programming. Through SportCares, SSC has committed to provide dollar-for-dollar matching for the first $1 million in donations. SportCares will seek to complement and support existing programmes while seeding new projects to address the gaps in opportunities.

4. From a broader perspective, the SportCares Movement will strive to inculcate strong social values, cultivating a spirit of sport philanthropy and volunteerism within the community.

5. "Through SportCares, Corporate Singapore can align its guiding principles with the best values of Sporting Singapore. Whether companies are organising sports clinics for youth-at-risk, sponsoring classes for needy seniors or contributing funding, SportCares will provide opportunities to capture the positive values that both consumers and employees want to see in a brand," said Mr Richard Seow, Chairman, SSC.

6. SportCares got off to a great start when it received its first donation of S$30,000 at FWAH. "We are proud and honoured that FWAH has become the platform for the launch of SportCares. FWAH co-organisers and corporate donors believe in the wide-ranging benefits of sport on people, organisations and communities including the disadvantaged, helping them to discover and realise their potential to the fullest," said Mr Tan Soo Nan, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Pools (Private) Limited and FWAH co-organiser.

7. In support of the SportCares Movement and Foundation, Dr Teo-Koh Sock Miang, President, Special Olympics Singapore, said: "SportCares will provide a wonderful platform, as well as opportunity, for individuals and corporate supporters to reach out, touch and change the lives of those who need a little boost and helping hand. SportCares can help those who are disabled, disadvantaged and less privileged to develop to their fullest potential through sports participation, training and competition. Sport has the power to change lives and I am confident that through SportCares, many lives (beneficiaries, volunteers and corporate supporters) will be touched and changed for the better."

8. "Going forward, SportCares can serve as a useful conduit through which it can, on the one hand, harness Singapore's spirit of volunteerism, philanthropy and donor funding, and on the other hand, establish a distribution channel which would ensure that both monetary and non-monetary resources are made available to the various sporting institutions to enable them to run sustainable sporting programmes," said Associate Professor Mohan Menon, President, Singapore Disability Sports Council.

9. Charitable and interest groups, public and private organisations, as well as members of the community are welcome to join the SportCares Movement by emailing:

New 20th Recommendation Included in Finalised Vision 2030 Report

10. In the finalised Vision 2030 report, a 20th recommendation to provide support for new forms of recreation and sport has been added to the previous preliminary recommendations. The new recommendation advocates the facilitation of new sporting activities, including fiscal, manpower, administrative, infrastructure and programming support.

11. "Sport is played by people from all walks of life, so it has a natural ability to keep pace with changes in our society. SSC exists to serve people and communities through sport," said Mr Seow. "We are exploring ways to help new forms of sport grow if they promote the values of Vision 2030. Sport must help people prepare for a more demanding future. It must be inclusive so that all can have access. And it must do what sport can do best: the activities must be designed to promote community bonding and national pride. At its essence, Vision 2030 wants to see people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and interests pursuing their sport of choice. We want to see the power of sport manifested in the lives of people and we are committed to building capabilities, creating more opportunities and greater access for all in Singapore to live better through sport."


Annex A: About SportCares
Live Better Through Sports

At the heart of SportCares is the steadfast belief that sport can be a force for social good. Sport can be activated to improve the lives of Singaporeans who are struggling with poverty, living in high-risk situations or simply lack the resources needed to realise higher goals in life.

However with planning and design, sport can change lives.

SportCares was established by Singapore Sports Council to provide opportunities for people to change behaviour and, ultimately, life patterns. SportCares is a foundation and a movement, linking donors, volunteers and recipients. Through a united approach, we can create different pathways to success and social mobility and strengthen the integration of our communities.

Through great coaching, programmes and support, sport can develop people with a winning spirit, an appreciation for teamwork, a commitment to purpose, an understanding of leadership and a love of country.
Seeding Hope. Creating Opportunities.
Growing Capabilities. Giving Back. Changing Lives.

Join the SportCares Movement by emailing:

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Executive, Media Relations
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Assistant Director, Media Relations
Singapore Sports Council

About the Singapore Sports Council
The Singapore Sports Council aims to transform the nation through sport, by inspiring people and uniting communities. As the national sports agency, we work with a vast network of public-private-and people sector partners to create access, opportunities and capabilities for individuals to live better through sports. As detailed in the Vision 2030 Live Better Through Sport recommendations, our mandate goes beyond driving participation and winning medals. At SSC, we use sport to create resilient, tenacious people, an appreciation for teamwork, a commitment to purpose, strong united communities and national pride.

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