Local Online Drug Database For Sports Launched

08 Oct 2012

Move aimed at heightening awareness of banned substances to prevent accidental doping
Singapore, 8 October 2012 - The Singapore Sports Council (SSC), in collaboration with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) has launched CheckDrugs, an online database for sports that contains a list of all registered drugs in Singapore and its status against the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List.

2. Accessible at http://app.antidoping.org.sg/public/checkdrugs.aspx, this database is specially designed for athletes, athlete support personnel, and medical practitioners to check if drugs prescribed or bought over-the-counter at pharmacies in Singapore contain substances that are banned in- and out-of-competition. This database has been made possible due to the tripartite agreement entered by the three parties earlier this year.

3. "We are delighted to have come together with HSA and PSS to provide this platform for Singapore's sporting and medical community to prevent any accidental doping by our athletes," said Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, SSC. "Integrity must be a deeply held principle in our sporting fraternity and Team Singapore's pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to keep Singapore sport free of doping. Athletes and officials are responsible for ensuring that they do not violate anti-doping rules and this database will offer them an additional tool to meet this responsibility."

4. Similar drug databases for sports are also available in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Ireland. However, differences in drug availability, brand names and even ingredients amongst different countries make it necessary for Singapore to have its own database for local use.

5. "HSA is pleased to be part of this project as we believe it will help to enhance sporting excellence and integrity in Singapore," said Assoc Prof John Lim, HSA's Chief Executive Officer, who lauded the joint agency effort. He added, "The public may find it difficult to differentiate ingredients of different medicines, especially if they share common brand names. Making such information readily available to athletes and medical practitioners serves as a counter-check to minimise the chance of accidental doping."

6. Underlying the World Anti-Doping Code is the Principle of Strict Liability that places the responsibility on athletes for what they ingest and use. This database will be a tool for our athletes to minimise the risk of violating anti-doping rules through inadvertent use.

7. Ms Christine Teng, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) adds, "The Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore is the professional organisation representing pharmacists in Singapore, with the mission of maximising the contribution of pharmacists to the healthcare of Singaporeans. PSS has helped with the mapping of locally registered drugs against the WADA Prohibited List and will be committed to this task on an ongoing basis. As an advisor on proper drug use, PSS encourages athletes to consume drugs only for medical purposes upon the advice of doctors or pharmacists. Inappropriate or unnecessary consumption should be avoided to prevent detrimental effects on their health in the long run."

8. The SSC oversees the Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS), which is responsible of advocating drug-free sports and administering policies and strategies through the implementation of the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore and the ADS Anti-Doping Rules in compliance with the World Anti- Doping Code.


For media enquiries, please contact:
Eric Ong
Manager, Media Relations
Singapore Sports Council
Email: eric_ong@ssc.gov.sg
Estelle Koh 
Health Sciences Authority
Email: estelle_koh@hsa.gov.sg

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As the National Anti-Doping Organisation for Singapore, Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) was formed on 15 March 2010 to promote a sporting environment in Singapore that is free of doping. ADS is responsible for all anti-doping strategies in Singapore, including planning and conducting doping control tests, accrediting doping control officers, identifying possible anti-doping rule violations and anti-doping education. Integral to this, ADS works closely with relevant Government agencies on various anti-doping initiatives, as well as the Singapore National Olympic Council and the National Sports Associations in Singapore to ensure they comply with the World Anti- Doping Code through the implementation of the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore and the ADS Anti-Doping Rules.

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