Sideline News May to July 2016

Sideline News is a short write-up of the happenings in the sporting eco-system that SSI plays a part in.

Sports Medicine Association Singapore, Theme: Masters Athletes  - 7 May

A symposium for medical professionals in the sporting domain was held at the SportSG Auditorium and the SSI Seminar Room. It was a well attended symposium with synergy and networking between industry professionals with a focus on how to address the "silver tsunami" of an aging population. The SSI was happy to host a plenary breakout session, followed by a tour of the facilities of the Singapore Sports Institute. 

SSI Supporting SMAS

SSI Sports Nutrition Workshops for SportsCares, Saturday Night Lights

The SSI Nutrition department regularly engages with SportsCare to provide fundamental sports nutrition workshops for youth involved in the SportsCares football programme. This aims to educate youth to understand the importance of sports nutrition for their sport and health. Coaches were also involved to actively encourage these nutrition messages on their training ground. The workshops were spiced up with practical visual tips on affordable food products youth could easily buy at a convenience store and tips to monitor individual hydration and nutrition.  The first of a series of four workshops was completed at Serangoon Stadium. The children were very engaged and eagerly participated to win a piece of the many food products that were used to demonstrate sports nutrition messages. Similar workshops will be conducted for three more venues in the coming months.

 Here are some of the snapshots from workshops at Serangoon Stadium…….    

SSI Nutrition Session with SportCares

Sports Cares

Briefing on football training during Ramadan - SSI - The Football Association of Singapore (FAS), 12 and 31 May

In May, two knowledge and information sharing sessions on fasting and training was given by Dr. Abdul Rashid Aziz, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Singapore Sports Institute. Organised by the FAS as part of its regular coach education activities, the briefing was attended by S-League club coaches, trainers, teachers, referees and referee Instructors.

The talk delved into the physiological effects and demands of training and playing during the fasting month of Ramadan based on Dr. Rashid’s research into this topic.

Ramadan Training Briefing

OCBC - Singapore Sports Institute Collaboration 14 May/18 June/2 July 

In line with healthy living and high performance, the SSI with close partner, OCBC and in view of the OCBC Cycle conducted 2 Sports Nutrition Workshops and a Performance Cycling and Strength & Conditioning Workshop. 

The theme for the nutrition workshops was nitrates (veggies!!) and carbohydrate periodization (low carbohydrate options). Recipes included roasted veggies, quinoa, various vinaigrettes for salads, sautéed chicken basted with garlic and chilli infused oil, and possibly a cucumber mint smoothie. 

The Performance Cycling and Strength & Conditioning Workshop comprised of two parts. The first part was conducted in the SSI Human Performance Laboratory where participants engaged in simple physiological tests that assessed the various energy systems of the body, followed by a structured warm up, and a series of 6-s, 30-s and 4-min all-out tests carried out on the Wattbike cycle ergometer. By using power output as a measuring tool, participants’ results were benchmarked against normative data obtained from riders in Singapore, Asia and around the world. 

The second part was conducted in the SSI Performance Gym where participants were put through a foundational maximal strength test - Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull and the test scores were benchmarked against those of international athletes. Participants also underwent exercises that targetted the anatomy responsible for cycling performance. To see a video of the session click: or watch below.

OCBC Cycle Nutrition Workshop

OCBC Cycle SSI Sports Nutrition Workshop 

OCBC Cycle Human Performance and Strength and Conditioning Workshop

Performance Cycling and Strength & Conditioning Workshop - Cycling Segment

OCBC Cycle Human Performance and Strength and Conditioning Workshop

Performance Cycling and Strength & Conditioning Workshop - Strength and Conditioning Segment

Valencia FC Conference - 18 May

The SSI was honoured to host Valencia FC accompanied by La Liga legends for a PR Conference at the SSI Seminar room. At the conference, VCF spoke about supporting youth sporting development, the Football Festival for Singapore 2017 and the announcement of an MOU with Geylang IFC. It was a pleasure to host such football legends and the tour of the SSI was appreciated by both Spanish media as well as the players. 

Valencia FC Conference

Valencia FC Conference at the SSI Seminar Room

Valencia tour the SSI

Valencia players tour the SSI

SpexEthos - adidas - 17 June

adidas, a valued spexBusiness partner participated in the third installment of the spexEthos prototype where senior management, SSI and Team Singapore athletes bonded and experienced a series of fun activities. Together with 15 athletes and several SSI staff, adidas staff learnt about team building and corporate wellness through games such as dragon boating and a Master Chef cook out and learning more about what motivated the athletes. Thanks adidas for your support and camaraderie – “Team Singapore grows stronger with Corporate Singapore!” See a video of the days activities below. 

 adidas and athletes all Team Singapore

adidas and athletes - all Team Singapore

Team Singapore at the adidas spexEthos

Athletes from Dragonboating, Athletics, Waterpolo and Cricket to name a few participated in the latest spexEthos prototype

SSI - NYSI Alignment - Sports Science - 29 June

In a continuation of the deep alignment between the SSI and the National Youth Sports Institute, a half day exchange and interaction was conducted between the Sports Science departments of both institutes to build synergy and share about their current states. In view of the SSI's efforts for the Olympics and Paralympics, the preparatory work with the athletes was shared. For NYSI, the strategic plan was the primary point of discussion. 

SSI - NYSI Sports Science Engagement

The Sports Science Departments of the SSI and NYSI at the SSI Biomechanics Lab

Engagement with Parents of the Olympians - 8 July 

In order to connect with the Parents of the Olympic athletes and share with them about the preparations for 2016 Rio Olympics , a session was conducted by the integrated athlete life department of the Singapore Sports Institute and the National Youth Sports Institute. 30 parents attended to hear about the latest developments in Rio and to hear more about the sports science support, venues and commonsense precautions. The second segment of the evening was a healthy bites workshop conducted by head, SSI Sport Nutrition, Dr. Richard Swinbourne followed by dinner which emulated the food being served at the Singapore House. Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan Jin and Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu both joined in the festivities as well as the Chef de Missions and Chief Medical Officers for the Olympics and Paralympics. 

XiaoYu Team Singapore Badminton and parents

Team Singapore Badminton player, XiaoYu and parents

Taste Test

Minister Fu commemorating the moment with the parents of the Olympians

Team Singapore

Team Singapore "extended version"

International Athlete Services Forum 2016, November 20-23

Singapore is proud to be the first country in Asia to be hosting the International Athlete Services Forum in November at the National Youth Sports Institute Satellite at Kallang, Sports Hub. The Forum will bring together diverse members of the global and regional community to discuss Athlete Life and Thought Leadership under the theme "Generative Communities : From Ambo to Agora". More information will be released closer to the date. 


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