Sideline News Dec Jan 2016

Sideline news is a short write-up of some of the happenings in the sporting eco-system that SSI plays a part in.

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SSI at the 8th ASEAN Para Games

In the lead up to and during the APG, SSI, in tandem with SDSC and the various sports came together to support the Team Singapore Athlete in a variety of initiatives, including sports science, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning and sport psychology to name a few. Check out the pictures below which illustrate some of the ways in which SSI cooked/captured data/cool down/helped feed/celebrate with champions cafes and stand shoulder to shoulder with Team Singapore!


SSI with CP Lions pre APG

 Sports Nutrition Workshop with the CP Football Team

   Biomechanists at work

 Capturing Bio-mechanic video Info

SSI with Swimming

Team SSI with Team Singapore Swimming

Biomech at work 2

 Capturing more video information for Bio-mechanics and Sport Science


SSI with Wheelchair Basketball

Helping the athletes "cool down" via Sport Science

Champions Cafe

Celebrating the athletes at our Champions Café series

Visitors to the Singapore Sports Institute

Since the 8th APG, the SSI has had a range of visitors from different walks of life and other countries including artists from Cirque du Soleil, visits from various academic institutes/schools and social enterprises. Here is a quote from a visitor to the SSI: " The trip to Singapore Sport Institute was definitely an eye-opener one. The state-of-the-art facilities coupled with contemporary sports practices show how much the sport industry in Singapore has come a long way from where it first started." - Ervika Bte Kamarol Zaman (SIM - University of Stirling student)

 Team Singapore meets Cirque du Soleil

Team Singapore meet an artist from Cirque Du Soleil production - "Totem"

 SSI Biomechanics with International Beach VolleyBall Players

SSI Biomechanists have a sport science session made possible with Japanese Company, Rakuten and international Beach Volleyball Players

Korean Womens Hockey Team

During an international hockey sparring tournament, the Korean Womens Hockey Team took the time to use the SSI Gym

 Woodlands Visit

Future sportsmen from Woodlands Secondary toured the Singapore Sports institute

Enabled visit

Industrial design students from 3 different Australian Universities came on a visit facilitated by social enterprise "ENABLED" to hear about the SSI and its efforts working with disabled athletes and to hear from the SDSC and Team Singapore athletes themselves.

World Sailing Development Symposium

The SSI had the pleasure to host the World Sailing Development Symposium on its premises.

In view of the achievements of the Team Singapore Athletes at the 8th ASEAN Para Games and the 14th Special Olympics, President Tony Tan hosted the Team at the Istana on Jan 30 2016. A great occasion of celebration and appreciation. Pics below.

L to R, Min Fu, Mrs Tan and President Tony Tan

One Team SG

One Team SG

CP Football

One Team SG

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