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SSI HPS Analytics Room

The SSI HPS Analytics Room

The High Performance Sports (HPS) Analytics, Technology and Education department was formed within Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) in August 2014 as a central pillar to support the high performance eco-system. A major role of the department is to provide video and data analysis of Team Singapore athletes’ performance to better enhance and value-add to training preparations prior to major games and to also educate the respective National Sports Associations (NSAs) on how to efficiently utilise the inexpensive and easy-to-use technology after the roll-out campaign.

How does the Analytics Team work?

The HPS Analytics team will work with a few NSAs in a staged approach utilising a holistic platform that captures and tags live events. This platform is provided by Dartfish Solutions, a world leading company in videos analytics and solutions for High Performance sports.

After the collection of video and data is conducted, the content is analysed at SSI in close consultation with the respective coaches and NSAs. The analysis is conducted using cutting-edge technology such as SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ to compare an athlete’s technique with other elite athletes as well identifying mistakes and deficiencies via “tagging”. Last but not least, the analysed video content is uploaded onto a secured online video platform with access granted to specific coaches and athletes.

By using a tagging analysis tool to identify and describe the highlights in video recordings of the athletes’ competitions or training, coaches and athletes are feted with a more efficient way of performance review as it makes tactical and technical analysis as well as overall game analysis much easier.

For example, tagging panels and different category groupings
1. Creation of events (e.g. Kick, Tackle, Rebound, Turnover)
2. Categorization of events (e.g. Offense, Defense, Team Play, Individual)
3. Identify the specific athlete/player involved in the play
4. Description of events (e.g. Location of shot taken? Outcome? Good, High Risk or Poor?)

Analytics at playAnalytics at play

Who can use the analysis and information?

Currently, tagging and video analysis are uploaded onto a secured online video platform, where it can be assessed by coaches, athletes and sport scientists. The videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing, which allows the coaches to show their athletes specific highlights of their game performance during training sessions by referring to the specific tags, rather than watch the full game. At the same time, athletes can view the content before or after training to better prepare themselves for upcoming training sessions or competitions.

What are the plans for 28th SEA Games?

Leading up to the 28th SEA Games, the HPS Analytics Team is working closely with Team Singapore athletes and coaches on their preparation as well as collecting data and conducting performance analysis of  their Southeast Asian competitors.

The HPS Analytics team will be using the same video platform to provide opportunities to Team Singapore athletes to conduct video analysis of their competitors and themselves within the shortest lead time possible. For example, when an athlete has completed competing in his event, the HPS Analytics Team will process the relevant video footage and upload it onto the online video platform, where the athlete and coaches will have exclusive access via web browser or specific mobile app provided by Dartfish Solutions.

What is coming next after the Games?

The HPS Analytics team aims to continue using different forms of analysis and platforms that will contribute in accelerating our  Team Singapore athletes’ performance. The team will continue to work together in close partnership with  all NSAs and coaches to understand the trends and gaps within each sport. As such, the HPS Analytics team aims to align themselves with SSI’s aim to be the “team behind the team”.

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