Athlete Services Centre Premier Lounge

ASC in use

The ASC in use.

Now in its sixth month of operations, the Athletes’ Service Centre (ASC) at Singapore Sports Institute attracts an average of 115 athletes and officials a day, who use it to rest and relax before and after training sessions. As all the competition venues gear up in preparation of the Games, the ASC is poised to transform as well, into the Premier Lounge for Team Singapore athletes during the Games.

This ‘Premier Lounge’ will be the exclusive space for Team Singapore athletes competing in the Games to refresh, recover, and relax after their competition
Athlete Advisor Ndi Ng leads a team of three staff from the Athlete Services & Development Department (ASD) in running the Premier Lounge.

“As the Team Singapore contingent puts in their best efforts to fly the national flag high during the Games, our team is equally committed to create a warm and conducive environment with top-class comfort and service for the athletes. In short, it will be superlative service underpinning everything for One Team Singapore!”   -Ndi Ng, SSI Athlete Advisor

Ndi, Peggy and Zul

(L-R) Ndi, Peggy Tng (Deputy Director) and Zul

The Premier Lounge will be divided into three main zones, each dedicated to meeting a specific need for the competing athletes:
A recovery and smoothie bar in this zone aims to provide athletes with the nutrition they need to fuel up before and after their competition.

Physical recovery is the goal of this zone, where equipment for rest, massage, and stretching will be readily available!
Athletes can switch off and play: a range of board games, video console games, books, magazines and other downtime activities will be available. Encouragement to athletes will also be posted through a message board and Instagram TV, and key updates on the Games and Singapore’s performance will be showcased through various media.

The ASC, currently a popular place for athletes to ‘chill’, will transform into the ‘Premier Lounge’ in June.

The Popular Foosball Table

The Foosball Table - always popular

Quick Facts:
• Operating hours of the Premier Lounge is from 8am-10pm from 26 May to 16 June 2015
• An estimated 125 athletes will visit the Premier Lounge per day from 31 May to 16 June
• Premier Lounge is EXCLUSIVE to Team Singapore athletes competing in the Games

“It is a privilege for us to be provided with these top-notch facilities and services at the centre. I am also looking forward to interacting with athletes from other sports and to huddle as #OneTeamSingapore to cheer for our fellow athletes!” -Samuel Tan (Team Singapore athlete, Wushu)


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