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Success Stories from Team Singapore Athletes

Khairul Anwar, Captain of Team Singapore Cerebral Palsy Football
Intern, Singapore Sports Institute – Coaching Development Department

At the 8th ASEAN Para Games (APG), Khairul punched above his weight in his role as Team Captain, bringing his team to achieve a bronze medal. He also became the first Singaporean to score a hat-trick at the new National Stadium, thereby cementing his reputation for scoring long-range stunners from all angles. Most importantly, he and his team won the hearts of Singaporeans through their display of teamwork, courage and determination.

Khairul Anwar

Khairul is currently a student-athlete, pursuing his Diploma studies in Health Management and Promotion with the Republic Polytechnic. In the lead up to the APG, Khairul approached SSI to seek assistance in planning for his future career, specifically in sourcing for an ‘Internship’ as part of his course requirements. SSI and spexCareer has supported Khairul in his holistic athlete life development, by providing:

  • Proactive career counselling to help Khairul identify suitable internship experience that is aligned to his future career aspirations 
  • Matched successfully to SSI – Coaching Development Department, as one of his ambitions is to become a professional coach or sports science specialist to nurture next generations of sportsmen. 
  • Secured 5-months internship, started work on 28 March 2016

 “I’m really enjoying my job and thankful for the experience. So far, I have helped coaches in the renewal of their licences and also gave them updates of ongoing and upcoming programmes. Coaching is one of my biggest passions and I hope to learn plenty about the basics of being a coach during this internship.” 

-Khairul Anwar, Captain, Team Singapore Cerebral Palsy Football Athlete and Team Captain



Derek Wong (Team Singapore Athlete, Badminton)
Research Specialist with Deloitte Singapore

Derek joined Deloitte in July 2014 as a Research Specialist in the Clients & Markets Department. He performs research on specific companies and industries in order to support the work teams serving clients from these specific industries. This involves benchmarking studies, conducting economic research or research on the strategic directions of the organization or development trends.

Derek Wong, Badminton, Deloitte Singapore

Deloitte has supported Derek in allowing him to train and compete full-time through providing: 

  • A customised work schedule of approximate 15 hours a week that revolves around his training schedule
  • Flexi-work arrangements of working from home in the evenings and on weekends after his training
  • Special work leave to compete in Major Games and tournaments, including representing Singapore at the Commonwealth Games 2014, Asian Games 2014 & SEA Games 2015


Beyond this short-term work opportunity, Deloitte is also ready to offer a full-time job to Derek upon retirement from his competitive sports career.

“At Deloitte, we strongly believe in the strength of employee diversity and aim to deliver a unique Deloitte experience to all our employees. Having national athletes as employees adds to this diversity, allowing employees who are athletes and non-athletes alike to interact and share with each other different unique skills, mindsets and experiences that are mutually enriching.

The atmosphere in the firm gets a boost as well – to get a chance to work, and sometimes even train, alongside someone like Derek Wong, the current Singapore number 1 badminton player, is a great experience”.

-Ms Seah Gek Choo, Talent Partner, Deloitte Singapore.

 “I am thankful to Deloitte’s tremendous support in arranging a customised work schedule that allows me to work flexibly from home around my training schedule. This support will ensure that my sporting focus is not compromised in any way. I am also able to grow as a person, in gaining valuable life skills and insights into the corporate world. Full time athletes like me will be able to bring 100% to the sporting field when we know that companies are extending their arms out so that we will not need to worry over our future career plans.” 

-Derek Wong, Team Singapore Athlete (Badminton)



Micky Lin (Team Singapore Athlete and Captain, Netball)
Clients and Markets Assistant Manager, Deloitte Singapore

Through the career support services under the spexBusiness Network, Micky joined the Marketing Department at professional services firm Deloitte Singapore in September 2014. At Deloitte, Micky received a suite of workplace support that allowed her to pursue her sporting goals. The company provided: 

  • Special leave to compete in the Asian Championships (September 2014) and Nations Cup (December 2014)
  • Special leave to travel overseas for training camp at Fiji in April 2015, for the team’s preparation in the lead up to the 28th SEA Games
  • Special paid leave to compete at the recent SEA Games 2015
  • Time-off for medical consultations / treatments at the SSI Medical Centre

 Micky Lin, Netball, Deloitte Singapore

It’s a lot easier for us knowing we have the support of the company so that I can earn my keep and still do what I like. I think it also important that while we enjoy certain benefits from the company, we do as much as possible to return the favour back to them. That, to me, is a priority, and is important”.

 - Micky Lin, Team Singapore Athlete and Team Captain (Netball)



Cerigwen Ng (Team Singapore Athlete, Softball)
Management Sales Trainee Officer, Borneo Motors Singapore (Full-time)

In early May 2013, Cerigwen came to know about the spexBusiness Network through one of her team mates. It was timely as she was exploring new career opportunities then. She received professional career counselling from her SSI Sports Advisor, who assisted in mapping out her career options and building her resume. Thereafter, SSI helped her to arrange an interview with spexBusiness partner Borneo Motors, leading her to securing a full-time job as a Toyota Sales Management Trainee Officer since September 2014.

Borneo Motors Singapore has supported her sporting journey at the recent 28th Southeast Asian Games where she clinched a Bronze medal, through providing:

  • Full-pay unrecorded leaves to allow her participate in overseas training camps

         - Nov 2014:  Granted 10 days of full pay unrecorded leave to participate in an overseas training camp in Japan, as part of the softball team’s build-up towards 2015 SEA Games

         - May 2015: Granted full pay unrecorded leave to participate in a 10 days’ training camp in Japan

  •  Flexi-schedule to allow her two afternoons time-off every week to attend practice  sessions  in the months leading up to 2015 SEA Games
  • Special leave to compete at the recent SEA Games 2015

 Cerigwen Ng, Softball, Borneo Motors

“We believe that sportsmen have within them the discipline, hard work, resilience and winning mentality in order to achieve results. Having Cerigwen join us is something that we welcome and sits nicely with our values and work philosophy.”

 – Mr Koh Ching Hong, Chief Executive Officer, Borneo Motors Singapore.




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