Continuing Coach Development

Never underestimate the importance of a coach to an athlete. Coaches play a vital role in the development of both athletes and individuals.

The coach is the decisive factor as to whether an athlete has good experiences in sports or quits in frustration. A good coach is one who can communicate effectively with his charges, motivate them, provide leadership, is ethical, has a deep understanding of good sporting principles, constantly seeks to upgrade oneself, and has an aptitude for planning and organization. Sport Singapore seeks to ensure that our athletes are always under the guidance of quality coaches.

A qualified coach equipped with the right coaching competencies and updated knowledge in coaching will be able to impart the right skills and capabilities for an athlete to develop, improve and excel in their sports.

The multifaceted role played by a coach goes beyond just the playing field. Coaches also help to nurture positive values such as teamwork, perseverance, and, most of all, the never-say-die attitude that will help their athletes develop the resilience needed to handle many of life's challenges.

The team is committed to develop, recognise and raise the standard of sports and coaches in Singapore through a holistic  and inclusive approach. Coach education is driven mainly by the SG-Coach Programme and the Continuing Coach Education Programme (CCE) organised by Sport Singapore and the National Sports Associations.

Coaches who have met the required coaching certification and are committed to abide by the Code of Ethics will be in the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).

Coach Development Department

The Coach Development Department adopts a comprehensive and holistic approach towards coaching development.

The desired outcome for coaching in Singapore is envisioned as "Quality & Competent Coaches for Sporting Singapore". The strategic direction for Coach Development is to have systematic development through innovation and best practices, and the development of quality coaching programmes.

Guiding the development of coaching is the following 3 key Enabling Strategies:
  • Coach Education & Training
  • Coach Employment
  • Coach Recognition
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