SportCares footballers bring their best game to the ActiveSg Open House--as volunteers

Singapore , 06 May 2014

You wouldn’t have known they were there, if you weren’t looking closely. And the reality is that most people were having too much fun at the ActiveSg Open House at Bishan Sports Centre this past Sunday to look closely.

But, oh yes, our boys from SportCares’ Saturday Night Lights football programme were there with shy smiles and earnest words of welcome.

SportCares at ActiveSG

Some 17 boys from Chai Chee, Henderson and NorthLIghtSchool were onsite at Bishan from 9 am. The previous week, 10 boys from Taman Jurong and Jurong Springs had been helping children try the cycling at the Jurong West Open House. They weren't there to play football. They were there to help people live better through sport.

In the past year that SportCares has been running SNL with its partners in the community, we have seen gangly youngsters grow taller and more self assured. We have heard squeaky voices grow deeper. Most important, we have seen doubt change into courage—and anger into hope. We have seen suspicion transform into a willingness to lend a helping hand.

None of the boys had time to get their photos taken with the VIPs or our sporting lion Nila. The boys were too busy working, and we were too overwhelmed with pride to think clearly.

But know this. While we failed to capture many of the moments in digital, the pride we felt is going to be with us forever in our hearts.

Unabashed sentiment is often out of fashion these days. However our emotions were spilling over as we watched the boys put their winning spirit into action. They helped you at the archery station, by ensuring that your protective arm bands were on properly and showing you how to handle the bow.

They were with you at badminton, registering you, keeping the floor dry so you wouldn’t slip and making sure that you had a turn in a timely manner. They brought water when you were feeling tired. They played floorball with you and encouraged you to tackle the game with gusto—which is how they play. They helped you navigate the labyrinth of the gymnastics stations.

They did all these things, but you didn’t recognise them from Saturday Night Lights or SportCares. Instead of wearing our traditional white jerseys with the big red heart, they were decked out in the bright green tees proclaiming that they were a Sports Ambassador.

So, even if you didn’t recognise any of them, you felt the power of their big goofy giddy hearts and their absolute love of sport.

Celebrate the Extraordinary. Celebrate the football boys from Saturday Night Lights.

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