Team SportCares At Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon 2013

Singapore , 27 Sep 2013

Team SportCares at the Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon

Get to know the boys who will be showcasing their athletic might at the Cold Storage International Triathlon 2013!

Sheikh Fadhil
Currently serving his National Service requirements, 22 year-old Sheikh Fadhil is happy to be one of the first SportCares recruits for the Cold Storage International Triathlon. This avid footballer is known for his speed on the pitch, and he’s ready to bring the same power, determination and resilience to the relay event of the Cold Storage Triathlon.

Fadhil lives in Taman Jurong where he is a leading member of the Beacon of Life football academy. On Saturday nights, he can be found playing with Team BOLA in the SportCares Saturday Night Lights football programme. The Cold Storage International Triathlon marks his debut in running, and he has been training hard with the CareRunners, a new programme launched by SportCares in late August.

Fadhil has emerged as an inspiration among the boys with whom he both runs and plays football. After some difficult teenage years, Fadhil is committed to making his life better. He is the third of five children in the family, and he describes his mother as the inspiration in his life. Known for his good sportsmanship and dedication to training, Fadhil has applied the same values to his participation in the new SportCares’ CareRunners programme.

Loh Keng Hoe
A quiet math student in the classroom, Nanyang Polytechnic student Keng Hoe found his competitive spirit in track. In sport, he discovered his ability to hold his own against others. A life in sport paves the way for good health, learning journeys and character development.

Providing his support system are his sister, who also competes, and his aunt. He is learning not to overstress his body. Training without recovery will lead to injuries. He wants to take on a half Iron Man in the future, so he needs to remain injury free. Keng Hoe has carefully worked the Cold Storage International Triathlon into his schedule to compete for SportCares.

Muhammad Hadi
Muhammad Hadi can be described as a sports explorer. At 20 years old, he loves trying many sports as opposed to excelling in just one. Currently studying at Nanyang Polytechnic, Hadi is on the school’s Track and Field team and does javelin and shotput. He jumped at the opportunity to cycle for SportCares at the Cold Storage International Triathlon.

A lover of art and music too, Hadi attributes his passion to learn, to his family and coaches. So, come join Hadi on yet another journey of learning this Saturday at East Coast Park!

Muhammad Nazirul
Recovering from tough times is never easy, but Muhammad Nazirul is moving forward with his head held high, thanks in part to his versatility in sport. This well-rounded sportsman has played many sports: boxing, mixed martial arts, soccer, floorball, basketball, and running. Along with his interests in music and art, Nazirul uses sport to help manage his temper and keep a positive outlook on life.

Introduced to SportCares by his supervising Prison officer, Nazirul has learned the value of good sportsmanship. He is giving back to the community at the Cold Storage International Triathlon, where he will be cycling for Team SportCares together with 17 other team mates this Saturday at East Coast Park. They say life can go full circle; for Nazirul, it’s a full cycle! Catch him in action at the triathlon.

Pavithran Mahendran
Pavithran s/o Mahendran is just 16 years old, but he has demeanour of a responsible young adult. He credits his maturity to the values he has learned from the coaches at the SportCares Saturday Night Lights football programme.
Coming from a family of six, Pavi has used sport to avoid straying into the wrong company and to create value for his community.

He has been a volunteer referee in football, and he has helped SportCares at several sporting events. With training support provided by SportCares and its volunteers over the past four weeks, Pavi is ready to hit the ground running at the Cold Storage International Triathlon.

Muhd Ramadan
Eighteen year-old Muhd Ramadan is always a source of inspiration for his six siblings, with his good attitude and natural curiosity. This Assumption Pathway student is passionate about football but is running for SportCares at the Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon. The training he has had over the past month with SportCares has helped develop his technique and stamina in distance running. His biggest worry: getting up in time. Good luck, Ramadan.

Muhd Shaelfiee
The life lessons and good sportsmanship that 16 year-old Shaelfiee has learned from the trainers in SportCares’ SNL are playing a role in everything he does. When the partnership with the Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon came up, Shaelfiee was one of the first to sign up. He believes in learning through sport, and he is also a budding artist with the Beacon of Life Academy. (Look for his work at an upcoming exhibition at the Taman Jurong Museum in October!)

With the programmes currently available to him, he has been able to give himself the much needed boost to fuel his dream of representing his nation on the international stage. It will be a long road but with help from family, friends and his community, Shaelfiee is doing everything he can to become a true Singapore success story.

Lin Ken
At 23 years of age, Lin Ken is one of the oldest members of Team SportCares. He is currently studying for a diploma in mass communications at MDIS and working with SSC on temporary basis. And he proudly proclaims that he is an all-round sportsman with keen interests in cycling, swimming, basketball and table tennis. But he is also quick to say that he is an easy-going, happy-go-lucky perfectionist.

Having come a long way from his wayward ways which left him facing a jail term, he is determined to change his life around. He cites his decision to go back to school to pursue his interest in communications and media, as the best one he has made so far. Be a part of his journey this Saturday at East Coast Park as Lin Ken completes another milestone through sport.

What started out as hobbies slowly grew into permanent fixtures for Shawn as he began to devote more time towards running and cycling. Currently a student at Nanyang Polytechnic, majoring in Business Management, Shawn can also be described as a focused and self-directed learner who always aims for the best result achievable.

Having been ardently involved in sports, Shawn feels that there is so much more to sports than just results and it is the process and journey that matters ultimately. And he knows this for a fact as there was a time in his life where he failed to start working hard early on when it was necessary.

But he has turned things around and has a better mantra towards working his goal; “In life, it is important to be positive, but also realistic. Life will be much easier when you start to see things from different perspectives and be positive.”
With a better grip on his long distance running methods, Shawn aims to do his best for Team SportCares in the Cold Storage International Triathlon.

Syazwan Bin Zainal
In his final year with Nanyang Polytechinc, Syazwan Zainal looks to cap it with a podium finish at the Polytechnic- Institute of Technical Education (POL-ITE) Games 2013.

And by joining Team SportCares for the Cold Storage International Triathlon, it now gives him another opportunity to put his preparation through the test. The passion to cycle came quite naturally for him from a young age and he further strengthened it by becoming a part of the NYP Track & Field team.

While being the eldest at home gives him the ease to fit into the role of a leader, Syazwan is an exemplary team player when it comes to sports. And he does look up to his fellow runners and swimmers in this triathlon, in order to ensure they all come away winners in their own right.

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