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The Sports S.A.F.E U Guide is a comprehensive guide for active individuals. It informs readers about how one can take part in sports safely and whether one is suitable for certain sports. It encompasses, Screening, Adequate Hydration, Fairplay and Injury Prevention, and the Environment. It includes many other tips and information about equipment and essential skills. All in all, it is a must-have for avid sports participants out there who want to exercise and stay healthy!


What is PAR-Q?

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PAR-Q stands for Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire. It is designed for individuals to find out more about their physical ability before engaging in any physical activity. It helps an individual to assess oneself if they are fit for the activity at that particular moment. 

It only takes approximately 3 minutes to fill up the questionnaire. It is an easy and convenient way to do some self-assessment before any activity. 

The PAR-Q is designed for and more applicable for users age 15 to 69 years old. Should you fall below 15 years old, caregiver should provide appropriate advice. If you are above 69 years old, you should consult your doctor and seek his advice and clearance before participating in any form of exercise and activity. 

Download your own PAR-Q

Click the links below to access the questionaire in your preferred language.

PAR-Q (Chinese).pdf
PAR-Q (English).pdf
PAR-Q (Malay).pdf
PAR-Q (Tamil).pdf

Frequently Asked Questions on PAR-Q 

FAQ for Par-Q.pdf

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