Safety Resources & Useful Links

Sport Singapore provides a comprehensive list of safety resources to ensure that all sports activities can be enjoyed safely. 


Sports Safety Video

Gear Up! Safe Cycling


Think safe, play safe, stay safe (Part 1)


Think safe, play safe, stay safe (Part 2)


Water Safety Posters

Be Safe. Only One Life in this game


Water Safety Brochures

Be Safe. Safety first at swimming pool


Sports Safety Guidebooks

Get Active Questionnaire [2600Kb]

Be A Sport Safety Champ [7100Kb]

Safe Cycling Guide [652Kb]

Safe Cycling Guide (Kids) [521Kb]

Safe Cycling Guide (Adult) [237Kb]

Safe Baseball and Softball Guide [7484 Kb]

Safe Judo Guide [6304 Kb]

Safe Running Guide [6725 Kb]

Safe Equestrian Guide [6122 Kb]

Safe Rugby Guide [7580 Kb]

Safe Sailing Guide [352 Kb]

Safe Waterskiing And Wakeboarding Guide [3476 Kb]

Safe Football Guide [8505 Kb]

Safe Cycling Activity Book [9034 Kb]

Sports Safe U Guide [1120 Kb]

Sports Rage Prevention Guide [1278 Kb]

Sports Safe Club Guide [889 Kb]

Safe Wushu Guide [1129658 KB]

Safe Ultimate Frisbee Guide [728KB]

Recreational Diving Safety Guide [2709 Kb]

Sports Concussion Guide For Young Athletes [2871 Kb]

Safety Guidelines for Children and Young People in Sport and Recreation [5908 Kb]

Water Surveillance Guide [14269 Kb]

Heat Disorders Prevention Guide [3586410 Kb]

Sports Safety Tips For Competitive Sports [3979 Kb]

My Sports Safety Kit Activity Book [2700 Kb]

Sports Safety Management System Guidebook (Part 1) [1274 Kb]

Sports Safety Management System Guidebook (Part 2) [836 Kb]

Sports Safety Management System Guidebook (Part 3) [1651 Kb]

Risk Management in Sport


Injury Prevention & Safety Tips

CPR & AED Rescue Tips

Basic Cardiac Life Support + Automated External Defibrillator [5200 Kb]

Chain of Survival [145 Kb]

Bystander 1-Man CPR [88 Kb]

CPR & AED Protocol [365 Kb]

Triathlon Safety Tips

Triathlon Safety Tips.doc [35 Kb]

7 Steps to Survive a Triathlon.pdf [106 Kb]

Simple Guide to Risk Assessment Management in Sports


Rottnest Risk Management Plan07.pdf [255 Kb]

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