Pilot Programme

TeamUP Pilot

In 2014, 'TeamUP' - team development through sport programme was piloted with a few SMEs. Many of the participants agreed that 'TeamUP' helped them to improve team dynamics, strengthen relationships and is useful for building a high performance team.  

Highlights of TeamUP Pilot


“To avoid mistakes when passing the baton, we have put in place Monday meetings where all teams have to be present. Ongoing projects are brought up for discussion during these meetings so that all the teams know what is happening.”

~ Derrick Tan (Atelier Tang Pte. Ltd.)


“It was a fast game; we lost twice before we could win. We learned much from our losses. That’s the reality of the corporate world as well; we learn from our failures, but press on to overcome and succeed.”

~ Vera Lim (SME Centre)


“When I was younger, I was driven to win. But not now. To work together as a team, to recognise mistakes and avoid repeating them - this is the real win for me.”

~ Willy Foo (LiveStudios Photography)


“What quickly surfaced was an issue of commitment. It wasn’t anything major. Some people were supposed to bring drinking water for the event, but it was forgotten. It was a small thing, but we felt that, as a team, we could improve on our commitment to the small things.”

~ Richard Stokes (LiveStudios Photography)


“Business owners often tell me that they are unable to retain talent. Could it be due to their obsession on bottom lines? I feel they need to create an environment that advocates and encourages fair play, positive attitude, and enthusiasm to contribute. My hope is that SMEs will utilise TDTS to help them create such an environment.”

~ Vera Lim (SME Centre)

For more information on TeamUP please contact us via email.

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