The Winning Edge

Singapore , 16 Sep 2015

In 2008, Richard Tan's Arina group of companies shone the spotlight on the world's first Formula One (F1) night race in Singapore. An avid badminton player and go-kart racer, the savvy entrepreneur talks about how his passion for sports has paid off in his business and life.

Richard attributes his courage to compete in business to the life lessons learnt from go-karting, a sport he was regularly active in. "In go-karting, you have to get used to taking well-calculated risks, like whether or not to overtake the go-kart in front. There could be a 50-50 chance of crashing, but only then can you have a shot of winning."

He also draws parallels between his work and badminton, another sport he loves and thoroughly enjoys. "The difference between a good businessman and a mediocre one is that the former will persist until he succeeds. It was badminton that trained me to have the stamina to push on, even after the first years of entering business."

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