At SportCares, we are set apart by sport.

We leverage positive sports experiences to make a difference for the at-risk and underserved in our community. Simply because great sports programming opens doors.

Sport engages the mind, body and soul in meaningful ways – it builds self-belief.

Sport demands that they become leaders – it equips them with integrity.

Sport reminds them that they are team players – it gives them a sense of belonging.


A little more sports in the lives of the underprivileged and underserved can empower them to become greater than they ever imagined.

And greater people make a greater nation.


SportCares Guiding Principle

HEARTS Framework

SportCares HEARTS Framework underpins the way in which SportCares organises our sport programmes and engage the constituents we serve. It is a Journey of Care for our constituents, which combines the Grit of Sports and the Nurturance of Positive Relationships.

The Grit of Sports


The Nurturance of Positive Relationships

Appreciation of Diversity


Guided by our HEARTS Framework, SportCares helps our constituents to reach their dreams by empowering them in tangible ways: with values, skills and education.

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