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Our Sports Medicine Centre focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries associated with athletic training and participation.

The wide range of care provided by the Sports Medicine Centre requires a multi-disciplinary team, which includes physicians, physiotherapists, sports trainers, podiatrists and sports masseurs. Our sports medicine services include:

  • Medical clearance and musculoskeletal screening
  • Management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries
  • Planning and execution of major games support
  • Coordination of external services, such as specialist consultation and intervention

The Sports Medicine Centre also provides sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, which include:

  • Clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries
  • Clinical and sports-specific rehabilitation of sports-related injuries
  • Injury prevention courses and workshops for National Sports Associations (NSAs)
  • Developing and conducting sports-specific musculoskeletal screening for NSAs
  • Conducting sports trainer courses for external stakeholders and the public
  • Providing local and overseas on-site training and competition coverage for NSAs
  • Providing medical support at the major games
  • Providing medical services at the Team Singapore Recovery House at the major games



Sports Medicine Centre
Singapore Sports Institute
Tel: 6500 5450

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