About the SSI Symposium

This year’s Singapore Sport Science Symposium is held together with the ASIA (Associations of Sports Institutes in Asia) Congress where member countries such as Japan, Qatar, Hong Kong and Singapore will come together for its Annual General Meeting and Congress with the aim of enhancing the future of high performance sport in Asia. The theme for the Congress is ‘Sport Integrity’.

Organized by the Singapore Sport Institute (SSI), the theme for the first two days of the Singapore Sport Science symposium is ‘From Youth to Elite Sport – Harnessing Potential and the Pursuit of Excellence’. It builds on from 2017’s focus on biomechanics and physiology to mental well-being and recovery this year. The symposium will provide sport administrators, practitioners, educators, coaches and students opportunities to engage in conversations on bio-psychosocial, environmental and contextual factors that contribute to youth athlete development, and the utility of various sport science and medicine disciplines to prepare elite athletes holistically.

Day 1

Singapore Lecture
by Dr Vassil Girginov

Waku_Sport Integrity(E) (incl. back up data) 
by Takahiro Waku, Director, Sport Integrity Unit, Japan Sport Council

Integrity Symposium 
by Toh Boon Yi

The Performing Brain 
by John P. Sullivan, Psy.D.Clinical Sport Psychologist Sport Scientist

Wellbeing and Professional Sport 
by Dr John Sullivan

by Sport Biomechanics Team

by Sport Nutrition Team

by Joel Pang & Abdul Rashid Aziz, Sports Physiology Team

by Joyce Koh, Associate Sport Psychologist, SSI Sport Psychology

Strength and Conditioning
by Danny Lum

Day 2

Singapore Behaviour Change 
by Shona Halson, PhD Associate Professor School of Behavioural and Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University

Sleep presentation Sport Science Symposium 2018 
by Haresh Suppiah, PhD National Youth Sports Institute, Singapore, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Sleep & Performance in Swimming - Fatigue Science 
Dr Ricco Swinbourne, Team Lead, Sport Nutrition, SSI. Sleep Scientist

Learnings from the ASIAN and ASIAN Para Games 2018 Final 
by Joel Pang, Associate Sport Physiologist

Overviews of Hong Kong Team Support in Asian Games  
by Frankie Siu, Senior Sport Dietitian (Hong Kong Sports Institute)

Asian Games sharing - Learnings from Asian Games 2018 Taiwan 
by Lu Kang-Hao

Priming for Performance - what how and when 
by Professor Andrew Kilding, AUT University, New Zealand

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