Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) and the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) are the nation’s premier institutes for the development of high performance sports and nurturing of elite athletes and elite student-athletes. Athlete Life carries out SSI’s and NYSI’s mission of developing Singapore’s athletes and student-athletes holistically in key areas of education, career, life skills and developing them to be Athlete Ambassadors for Team Singapore. 

Athlete Life’s mandate focuses on helping athletes to strive towards the pinnacle of sporting excellence whilst preparing for a successful transition into life after sports. The Sports Excellence (Spex) Education Scheme is a customised scheme that develops a more holistic and robust system of support for student-athletes to cope effectively with the dual demands of sports and their education. 


To implement a comprehensive athlete support system designed to help student-athletes achieve in their sport at the highest possible level without compromising their academic aspirations.

Benefits for the Student-athlete:

Athlete Life Coaching & Support Academic Flexibility & Support**
  • Education counselling
  • Support letters for admission/scholarship applications
  • Alternative academic scheduling
  • Alternative learning modes
  • Alternative assessment modes
  • Local & Overseas Athlete-friendly pathways

**(subject to approval by individual Institutes of Higher Learning)

Domains Forms of Academic Flexibility

Merit Admission

Staff Mentoring

1. Preferential admission by virtue of sports achievements.
2. Allocation of a specific mentor for each student-athlete to provide guidance in coping with sports and studies.

Flexibility in Education System 3. Provision of extended duration of study as long as it is within the maximum stipulated period.
4. Customisation of academic study load premised on long-term planning which enables the student-athlete to complete the course of study within the stipulated period.
5. Provision of multiple leaves of absence.

Flexibility in Education Delivery 6. Provision of alternative arrangements for exams.
7. Provision of alternative modes and deadlines for assessment.
8. Provision of distance learning & e-learning support.



spexEducation team:
Ms. Beena Doshi: beena_doshi@sport.gov.sg

Mr. Muhammad Zulhilmi: Zulhilmi_karim@sport.gov.sg

Enquire: enquire@nysi.org.sg


Education Partners

We currently have 17 Institutes of Higher Learning who have come on board as our spexEducation Partners to promote various forms of academic flexibility for our student-athletes:


Institutions Scholarships
 Singapore Sports School https://www.sportsschool.edu.sg/admissions/scholarships
 Institute of Technical Education https://www.ite.edu.sg/admissions/scholarships-award-and-bursaries
 Ngee Ann Polytechnic https://www.np.edu.sg/admissions/Pages/scholarships.aspx# 
 Nanyang Polytechnic https://www.nyp.edu.sg/admissions/full-time-diploma/scholarships-study-awards.html
 Republic Polytechnic https://www.rp.edu.sg/student-support/scholarships-awards
 Singapore Polytechnic  https://www.sp.edu.sg/sp/student-services/ssc-overview/student-support/scholarships/sp-sports-arts-scholarship
 *Temasek Polytechnic  https://www.tp.edu.sg/fees-and-financial-matters/scholarships
 *International Sports Academy https://www.isa.edu.sg

IMC Sports Diploma Study Award 

(please contact ISA at info@isa.edu.sg for more information)
 James Cook University  



*National University of Singapore

 *Nanyang Technological University  


(for existing students)

 SIM Global Education

Scholarship application details will be emailed out to all carded athlete in April/May.

University of Stirling courses:
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sports Studies and Marketing
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Events Management
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Marketing
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Retail Marketing
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Media

 *Singapore Management University  

Yip Pin Xiu Scholarship                        


 Singapore Institute of Technology  https://www.singaporetech.edu.sg/undergrad/scholarships

*sport scholarships/grants available

(b) Other Sport Scholarships

Singapore Olympic

Foundation -

Peter Lim

Sports Scholarship




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