SG-Coach Theory Accreditation

Direct Waiver for the SG-Coach Level 1 Theory course is given to those who have graduated from the following local courses: 

  1. National Institute of Education's Diploma / Postgraduate Diploma / Degree in Physical Education (MOE Teachers holding these certificates still need to apply for VPS Accreditation from CoachSG)
  2. Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science (VPS Integrated)*
  3. Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Sports Coaching (VPS Integrated)*
  4. Republic Polytechnic’s Part-Time Diploma in Sports (Coaching) (VPS Integrated)*

*The waiver takes effect for AY17 intake of students onwards.

For other candidates who do not possess the above qualifications, the two methods for SG-Coach Theory Accreditation are:

  • Accreditation through Coursework: This is suitable for individuals who do not have any formal learning in sports science and coaching. You will need to attend the Basic Sports Science Course,  SG-Coach Theory and Technical Level 1 course. Please submit your interest with Republic Polytechnic (RP) here and e-mail if you have further queries. For SG-Coach Technical course, please contact the respective National Sports Associations and please note that some of them have integrated programmes which include the theory components. You may email us at if you require assistance.
  • Accreditation through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): This is suitable for individual who had formal learning in areas of coaching or physical education (e.g. coaching certificate, diploma, degree, etc).

Accreditation panel will review application for waiver of SG-Coach Theory certification based on the submitted certificate, degree, diploma, and post-graduate programmes. Based on the evaluation, the applicant will be granted either a waiver from the course, offered the examination pathway to demonstrate proficiency, or required to enroll in the coursework.

If you are interested in seeking for accreditation for SG-Coach Theory via recognition of prior learning, please send an email to with the following. Please note that all submitted documents must be in English or translated to English:

  1. Application Form
  2. Coaching certificate/Diploma/Degree/Postgraduate in “Physical Education” or “Sports Coaching” and course transcript
  3. Any other supporting documents

There is no cost for the evaluation BUT please note that a certification fee of $53.50 (including GST) will be charged if a waiver is granted. For unsuccessful applications, no administrative fee will be charged and applicant encouraged to enrol in the SG-Coach Theory course.

Before receiving the SG-Coach Theory (Accreditation) certificate, successful applicants will be required to attend a 1-day Values and Principles in Sports (VPS) workshop and produce proof of attendance (VPS certificate softcopy). Please register for VPS workshop via this link.


VPS AccreditationIf you have been a Ministry of Education (MOE) Physical Education (PE) teacher in service from 2015 onwards, you will be exempted from VPS workshop but are required to complete the following steps to obtain VPS Accreditation, before being eligible to receive the VPS (Accreditation) certificate:

  1. Register for a SportSync account and complete VPS E-learning topics via SportSG-ED (Refer to user guide here)
  2. Notify CoachSG of your SportSync ID once you have registered and activated your SportSG-ED account for e-learning to be assigned
  3. Complete VPS E-Learning topics and Coaching Philosophy Reflection via SportSG-ED

Both VPS E-learning Certificate of Completion and Coaching Philosophy Reflection document must be submitted for CoachSG’s review and approval via A S$20.00 (including GST) fee will be charged for the processing of VPS accreditation certificates, which includes a SportSG-ED user licence fee.

Examination-Only Pathway. In the event that the examination-only pathway is granted, there will be a charge of S$80.25 (including GST) – this test fee includes a course manual which will be mailed to the applicant 2 weeks before the examination. Please note that only one attempt can be made. This is a closed-book examination and reference to the course manual is not allowed during the examination. Individuals who do not pass the exam will have to go through the Theory course. Individuals who passed the exam will have to attend the VPS workshop before he / she is eligible to receive the SG-Coach Theory (Accreditation) certificate.

Should applicants have further queries, please e-mail

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