For NROC, SwimSafer and Life Saving Coaches

Sport Singapore is delighted to announce that we will extend ONE (1) year membership for all members with the National Registry of Coaches, as well as waive off the following fees for eligible# SwimSafer / Life Saving coaches/ instructors. 



Cost per person (S$)


One year swimming pool usage permit fee waiver to SwimSafer coaches / instructors (valid from date of renewal)



Complimentary swimming pool entry to all ActiveSG swimming pools for SwimSafer & Lifesaving coaches (Eligible coaches should see the QR code for complimentary entry in their ActiveSG app, effective from 1 June 2021 - 31 May 2022)



One year Life Saving usage permit fee waiver for Life Saving coaches / instructors (valid from date of renewal)


* Swim pass @ $10 per month
# Existing coaches with a valid usage permit and maintain a valid NROC membership.



National Registry of Coaches

1. Who will be eligible for this extension ?

All current members - both Provisional and Full (Coach, Senior Coach and Master Coach) membership, as of 8 June 2021 with a valid (active/inactive) membership will receive an extension of 1 year to your membership. Other membership status such as expired, suspended would not be eligible. For example. if your membership expires 30 Jun 2020, the new expiry date would be 30 Jun 2021. No action is required on your end. It would take some time to update the membership details in our system and you shall be notified by email once this is done. For those of you who have submitted renewal applications but have not received the official approval, we shall advise you individually if there is any follow-up required.

2. Will I receive a new membership card with the extended new date?

For the membership card, please note that the change would be effected on the e-card ONLY. We would not be issuing physical cards for this extension and to new members. Please refer to the guide on how to access your NROC membership e-card.

Since SportSync’s launch in 2018, it includes features such as e-card and updating of Continuing Coach Education records via e-logbook. As many of our coaches are already onboarded to this new platform, CoachSG will discontinue all physical copies of the card and logbook with effect from 1 April 2020. Please do access for your e-card and e-logbook. Please refer to guide on how to access your e-logbook.

3. My Standard First Aid certification has expired / due to expire soon, what should I do? 

Singapore Resuscitation First Aid Council (SRFAC) have announced resumption of training for learners while abiding by the nation-wide general guidelines by for workplaces by Ministry of Manpower. For the latest update, please visit

In view of safety considerations, coaches who did not renew their Standard First Aid within the acceptable time period are not allowed to renew their membership with the NROC. For enquiries on first aid training, you may also contact SRFAC directly at

4. Are there any changes to the Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) requirements for renewal?

The Continuing Coach Education requirements for renewal of membership would remain unchanged for now. We are working on designing and developing the necessary online (Internet-based) infrastructure and programmes that you may utilise to deliver your coaching practice virtually. You may now also use coaching education hours in place of coaching practice (up to 50% of the required hours). E.g., if you only manage to perform coaching practice for 10 hours as a Coach and foresee you have difficulty completing another 5 hours, you may seek relevant online learning to use as coaching education to fulfil the remaining 5 hours. Please ensure that you can obtain endorsement for completion of the online learning, or please pen down a Reflection (download example templates here and here) to record your learning. You can also refer to the list of resources at Q8 for other options on learning and development.

Please obtain email endorsements from your CCE training coordinators or providers (for coaching education hours) and employers (for coaching practice hours) and attach them online as evidence of completion.

For guidance on accessing e-card on SportSync, please click here.
For guidance on updating of Continuing Coach Education records on SportSync, please click here.

NROC Level

Min. Coaching Practice Hours (Up to 50% of these can be Coaching Education hours)

Min. Coaching Education Hours (Learning & Development)

Attendance CCE Hours (can include online learning)

Self-Guided CCE Hours

Level 1 (Coach)



Not more than 3

Level 2 (Senior Coach)



Not more than 12

Level 3 (Master Coach)



Not more than 18

5. Where could I find more information related to COVID-19 support or advisory?

For the latest updates on the Covid 2019 support, please refer to our website for more information. Should you have any other queries and feedback, please contact us at or 1800-344-1177 during office hours (Mon to Fri, 9.00am – 6.00pm).

6. I need technical assistance on SportSync, what should I do?

Please check if the Frequently Asked Questions here already answers your questions. If not, please get in touch via the Contact page.

7. What are some resources that I could be using during this period?

Other Resources for Continuing Coach Education (Learning & Development)

Home-Based Learning Resources

CoachSG has launched a list of video-resource on our CoachSG Official YouTube Channel to encourage everyone to stay active and health through different activities and various sport. Do subscribe to the channel for new content!

Free Online Courses

There are many existing online resources available such as the following: Online Courses

*Completion of each course earns you the CCE hours indicated in brackets 

International Olympic Committee’s Athlete Learning Gateway

Completion of each IOC online course (with Certificate of Achievement as proof) earns you 1 CCE hour.


Udemy is an online learning platform which provides online courses on various categories*. Sport Singapore has added a Sports Safety & Risk Management module where coaches may gain a better understanding on the guidelines for a safer sporting environment.

*Note that Udemy offers other courses that are chargeable (1 CCE hour)

Please capture screenshots of completion under “My Courses” – where it will indicate “100% complete”. 

NYSI Youth Coaching

Register for NYSI’s Youth Coaching Online course to understand youth athletes better and become a more effective youth coach.

NYSI Youth Coaching (5 CCE hours) 

ULeap mobile application

ULeap (Learning Enabled through Active Participation) is a mobile application that enriches learning communities through courses delivered in bite-size and trending discussions. Each module has reading resources with discussion or quizzes and it will not take longer than 15 minutes to complete. Completion of any 3 modules earns you 1 CCE hour.

Download link for ULeap app:

Please capture screenshots of completion in the ULeap application > click “Profile” > click “Learning History” > capture screenshot.

ITF Academy

The ITF Academy is an online platform where coaches are able to access various resources and interactive online courses for free. This portal can facilitate as continuous coaches education and a tool for e-learning at home during this period. To register for your free account, please visit Completion of any online learning modules earns you 0.5 CCE hour.

For more information or assistance, please contact

Self-Guided Learning

You can record CCE learning hours from self-guided learning activities such as watching or reading coaching-related materials, or even conversations with coaches related to coaching, as long as you record any reflection on what you’ve learnt.

Each completed reflection activity earns you 1 CCE hour, and please remember a minimum of 12 hours’ worth of attendance-based or course-based CCE is still required. 

For more information regarding self-guided learning, click here

We're also coming up an online learning platform, slated to launch later this year. Let us know the kind of features and content you hope to see more of in the platform.

If you are exploring to conduct online coaching services with the general public, please register your interest with our newly launched ActiveSG Circle platform via this link. SportSG would get in touch with you if we are interested to have you onboard!

8. I’ve encountered technical issues (my data is incorrect, system encounters errors, my profile doesn’t seem to be available). How do I edit them? 

Please do make sure you’ve checked out our FAQs here to see if your questions are already answered. If you are still encountering errors, please file the issue you encountered via (Technical Issue) for further assistance.  

9. The FAQs did not manage to clear my queries, how do I contact the relevant parties?

For NROC: please email

For Swimsafer: please email

For Usage Permit: please email

To help us serve you better, please do write in stating your Full Name, Date of Birth, and last 4 digits of your NRIC (e.g., 123Z), along with the details of your request.


Life Saving Usage Permit Holders

1. Who will be eligible for the extension of usage permit?

All current Life Saving permit holders and with a valid National Registry of Coaches (NROC) provisional membership as of 28 May 2021 will receive a 1-year extension to your usage permit automatically. For example, if your membership expires on 30 Jun 2021, the new expiry date would be 30 Jun 2022. Any purchase of usage permit after this date is not eligible for the extension.

2. What action is required from me?

Please ensure that you have the following certificates valid at all times and upload them to your account on


a. Valid Standard First Aid (SFA) with CPR & AED Certificate

b. Valid Singapore Lifesaving Society (SLSS) Instructor / Teacher Award Course Certificate

c. Basic Sports Science Certificate

d. National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) / SG-Coach Theory 1 Certificate


No additional action required on the renewal.

3. Who should I write to if I have enquiries on renewal of Life Saving usage permit?

Please write in to for any queries on renewal of life saving usage permit.


SwimSafer Usage Permit Holders

1. What is the extension period of the SwimSafer Usage Permit?

The extension period would be one year from your usage permit date of expiry. All eligible usage permit holders with valid usage permit as of 28 May 2021 will receive a 1-year extension automatically. For example, if your membership expires on 30 June 2021, the new expiry date would be 30 June 2022. Any purchase of usage permit after this date is not eligible for the extension.

2. Who will be eligible for the extension of SwimSafer Usage Permit?

Existing instructors with valid full NROC membership and attended/pass the SwimSafer Certification with valid Pool usage permit as of 28 May 2021 would be eligible for the extension of SwimSafer usage permit.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for this extension?

The eligibility criteria for the extension is


a. Valid NROC membership;

b. Valid First Aid Certification; and

c. Valid CPR & AED Certification

4. Who do I approach if I have enquiries on SwimSafer Usage Permit?

Please write in to for any queries on extension of SwimSafer Usage Permit.


Complimentary Entry to ActiveSG Swimming Complex for Coaches

1. Who is eligible for the complimentary pool entry?

Coaches with valid usage permit as at 28 May 2021 are eligible for the complimentary pool entry.

2. What is the period of complimentary pool entry?

The period of complimentary pool entry is from 1 June 2021 – 31 May 2022.

3. What action is required of me to qualify for this complimentary pool entry?

No action is required from you. Swimming coaches with valid usage permit as at 28 May 2021 will receive the QR code for complimentary pool entry in their ActiveSG app automatically. For any queries on the complimentary for pool entrance for coaches, you may write in to


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