Athletes' Corner

The Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) firmly believes in long-term sport and athlete development in Singapore. To help elite athletes reach their highest sporting potential in the international arena, SSI provides a wide range of Spex (Sports Excellence) programmes and support services.

National Sports Associations (NSAs) can nominate their elite athletes to be carded (categorised) based on their achievements in the assessment period. Carded athletes can then have access to SSI’s customised Spex programmes and support services.


Please be informed that based on the principle of strict liability, athletes are fully responsible for what they ingest. Supplements or inhalers may contain ingredients with harmful side effects, or prohibited substances (and at times not indicated in the ingredients list) which is listed on the WADA Prohibited List. The Prohibited List is updated every year. Please refer to the Anti-Doping Singapore website at for more information.

In addition, all spexCarded athletes are required to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if they need to use any prohibited medication or method of treatment


SportSync is a shared data platform that aspires to harness data for ecosystem efficiency and effectiveness for Singapore to excel in international sports by co-creating an all-in-one database platform for all Singaporeans in competitive sports.

It features a range of capabilities to serve our sporting fraternity (National Sports Associations, Athletes, Coaches, Sports participants, etc) and enable the collection, organisation, sharing and analysis of data, as well as generation of insights to serve the areas of:

  • Sports Performance and Pathway
  • Sports Administration
  • Learning and Continuous Education

NSAs will be able to leverage on SportSync to maintain their organisation profiles (i.e. Management Committees, Employees, Members, etc), manage athletes (i.e. athlete profiles, spexCarding and spexScholarship applications, Major Games nominations, etc) and track key elements of their Multi-Year Sports Plan (i.e. number of NROC coaches, participants of their sports, etc).

In order for athletes to login to SportSync, they must do the following:

NSA users can login to SportSync, by registering for a SportSync account and logging in with their Corp Pass details.

If you face any technical issues with SportSync, please contact our IT support directly. Appreciate that you can log a case at: (Please choose "Technical Issues" under the "Category", so that you will be routed to our IT support).

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