Revisions to the ADS TUE Policy

Singapore , 15 Jan 2019

The ADS TUE Policy has been reviewed to provide greater clarity on which group of athletes need to apply for a TUE and to whom they should submit their applications to. The revised ADS TUE Policy and Application Form can be downloaded from the ADS website (


Key revisions to the ADS TUE Policy are the addition of Articles 1.4 and 1.5 of Section 1 (Application of the ADS TUE Policy) as follows:

Article 1.4

The following Athletes shall obtain a TUE from their respective countries' National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADO):

(a) Non-Singapore Athletes participating in a National Sports Association's (NSA) National Championship for which a TUE granted pursuant to the ADS Anti-Doping Rules is required. Athletes must abide by their respective NADO's TUE policies and procedures for their TUE applications.

Note: TUE applications may be submitted to ADS if an Athlete's NADO does not have the capacity to review and grant TUEs.


Article 1.5

Depending on the applicable anti-doping rules, Athletes who are participating in a Major Event, for eg, the Olympic or Paralympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth and Southeast Asian Games, may be requires to apply for a TUE to the respective Major Event Organiser (MEO). The TUE granted by the MEO is effective for the period of the event only. Athletes must abide by the respective MEO's TUE policies and procedures for their TUE applications.


The table below shows an overview of the TUE application process and timelines for the various athlete groups:




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