Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is the Singapore Sports Council’s 20 year road map for using sport as a strategy for Singaporeans to have a healthier and better life through the impactful experience of Sport. Vision 2030 is best told as the story of our people and how Sports can be used as a strategy to achieve our national priorities such as developing healthy and resilient people, forging strong united communities, retention of core values, shared memories, strengthened friendships as well as building a dynamic society and economy.

It all began with a question “How could sport best serve Singapore in the coming decades”. To find the answer, the Vision 2030 team sat down with more than 500 people in face to face discussions while another 60,000 unique visitors shared their views online. We met with sport leaders, urban planners, educators, corporate decision makers, volunteers, senior citizens, stay home mums and wanted to hear about the role of sports in their lives, why they played the sports they did and whether they wanted to play more.

All in all, we received some 300 unique ideas on how Sports could be adopted as a national strategy to shape the nation. These ideas where they shaped into 20 recommendations expressed through four thematic clusters, highlighting the characteristic ways in which Singaporeans live, think and see the role of Sports in terms of participation, industry and excellence.

The passion which sport motivates and unites the community is the very essence which Living Better Through Sport seeks to encapsulate and bring across as a national mission for Singapore, driven by the aspirations of everyday Singaporeans.

By its very nature, sport develops the attributes that we want and need to compete in the evolving global conditions: a winning spirit, a respect for teamwork, a commitment to leadership and even a love of country.  These are principles that we want firmly rooted, not just in our athletes but throughout our society, in our workforce, our professionals, our educators, our policy planners and our uniformed and public service officers.

Vision 2030 is about Real People who are passionate, tenacious and resilient in their pursuit of sport yet compassionate and always willing to be part of an inclusive society so that together, we can Live Better Through Sports.

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