National Standards For Youth Sports

The youth of today is tomorrow’s future. Sport Singapore believes in equipping the youth of today with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge as the foundation for their future. Through a sustainable and supportive sporting community for youth, guided by the National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS), our youth will maximise their potential through sports participation, and grow with the values that will see them well into their adult years. 

The NSYS is established to ensure that youth sports in Singapore is organised and delivered in a healthy and wholesome environment for our youth, while issues such as violence, abuse and other unsporting behaviours are kept at bay.

The NSYS Framework

NSYS Framework

The framework is intended to guide the various stakeholders of the youth sports community in Singapore.

  • Coaches and Sports Instructors
    Coaches and sports instructors are encouraged to be youth-centric, focusing on individual athlete’s development while making sure not to exclude any one player in the team. As youths look up to them, they are expected to serve as responsible role models who provide a safe environment at all times. Continual upgrading of skills is vital to their profession.

  • Parents, Guardians and Educators
    Parents, guardians and educators play central roles in the lives of youth athletes. Thus, we encourage them to serve as good role models who are encouraging, inclusive and respectful at all times. They are also advised to be watchful and alert, never compromising on safety. It is crucial for them to manage expectations as they applaud all efforts, so as to develop healthy attitudes towards sports. Refer to the National Standards for Youth Sports Parents’ Guide for more information on how parents can support their youth.

  • Youth
    We encourage youth to have fun as they strive to be better in the sport of their choice, play fair and be respectful of their teammates, officials, coaches and opponents while practicing sports safety at all times. By sharing their experiences and applauding all efforts, we believe youth will take away with them the best that sports has to offer.

  • Sports Officials and Event/Competition Organisers
    Recognising the needs of the youth is critical to sports officials and event/competition organisers as they work towards promoting national standards in sports. By encouraging integrity and other healthy attitudes towards sports, they will positively impact youth athletes.

  • Sports Managers and Administrators
    Fairness and transparency are crucial to the decision-making processes that sports managers and administrators undertake. They are encouraged to develop youth-centric policies as they work towards nurturing a safe and healthy environment for youth sports.

  • Media and Photographers
    Members of the media and photographers are encouraged to be fair and sensitive, providing honest coverage that highlights the best sporting values. By avoiding sensationalism and seeking to inform and educate, the media can leave a positive impact on youth athletes, who will be able to enjoy the best that competitive sport has to offer.

  • Spectators and General Public
    We encourage spectators and general public to be respectful in their support for the youth athletes, demonstrating positive behaviour that spur them on.

  • Corporates and Organisations
    Corporates and organisations can be ‘sports-friendly’ employers, supporting staff and their children in their sporting pursuits.

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