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Sport Singapore aims to heighten the awareness and deepen youth's understanding of the National Standards for Youth Sports. 

Through the NSYS school resources, we seek to introduce NSYS values and messages to primary school students in a fun an educational manner. 

Key NSYS Messages
  1. Be a Role Model - Play by the rules. Support your team by playing well and playing fair.
  2. Cheer for Everyone - Keep the game fun by cheering for everyone.
  3. Respect Others - Respect your teammates, coaches, officials and teachers; at play, in school or in the community.
  4. Try your Best - Believe in yourself and your team. Give your best effort every time.
Key Learning Outcomes for Students
  1. Be a role model to others by upholding sporting values such as fair play, responsibility and team spirit.
  2. Cheer for everyone regardless of outcomes.
  3. Show respect towards others including coaches, officials, opponents and teammates.
  4. Constantly strive to be better and enjoy every sporting experience.

Classroom Activities and Resources
Sport Singapore has designed school resources to facilitate the learning of NSYS values and messages through classroom activities. These resources are customized for use in primary schools and teachers can tap on these resources to support their classroom activities to reinforce NSYS messages. 

Schools are also encouraged to download the resources and implement the accompanying activities. 
Sport Singapore also works with schools to co-organize NSYS related activities and contests, e.g. "Be a Role Model" drawing contest to engage the students.

Available resources for download:

Activity Books

"I am a Role Model" Activity Book (Edition 1) [2310 Kb]
"I am a Role Model" Activity Book (Edition 2) [1621 Kb]

Colouring and Drawing Sheets

"Cheer for Everyone" Colouring Sheet [1094 Kb]
"Be a Role Model" Colouring Sheet [1398 Kb]
"Have Fun, Winning Isn't Everything" Colouring Sheet [1139 Kb]
"Respect Others" Colouring Sheet [1198 Kb] "I am a Role Model" Drawing Sheet [659 Kb]


"Cheer for Everyone" Poster (A3 size) [967 Kb]
"Be a Role Model" Poster (A3 Size) [942 Kb]

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