NSYS Supporting Partners

Sport Singapore partners with the government, external organisations and the various NSAs in the National Standards for Youth Sports. 

Our Supporting Partners: 

Ministry of Social and Family Development

At the MSF (formerly known as the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports), our mission is to nurture a resilient and caring society that can overcome challenges together. MSF develops the “heartware” for Singapore through our policies, community infrastructure, programmes and services.  

Crossroad Sports Solution 

We are a unique team of passionate coaches who are truly dedicated in bringing our best to the sport and athletes. We pride ourselves for being always on the cutting edge in exploring new coaching techniques and use of technology to enhance learning.

MBP Sports

MBPSPORTS uses proven sports coaching methods to improve players’ confidence and tennis competences. We are also passionate about assisting businesses to strengthen their team building and interactions via tennis. MBPSPORTS aims to consistently be the preferred choice for tennis instruction and facility management in Singapore. 


E3Sports is a diversified sports management, entertainment and education enterprise. Our pool of experienced professionals deliver training experience and provide educational facilities to young talent in schools and institutions. E3Sports also offers businesses in the sporting lifestyle industry the opportunity to grow and develop their capabilities, including sporting event management and media consultancy, as emerging marketing and outreach platforms.

National Sports Associations

The National Sports Associations are responsible for developing and growing their respective sport, thus making them crucial to the Singapore sporting scene. In addition, the various NSAs play a role as NSYS Supporting Partners. 

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