NSYS Framework

The NSYS philosophy maintains that every youth should be given the opportunity to grow and develop in sports, have positive experiences and not be left out or left behind.

This philosophy underpins the principles and standards of the NSYS, which in turn are manifested in its guiding behaviours and practices.

The Three Principles of the NSYS:
  • Place the Youth’s Interest before Yours
  • Be a Role Model
  • Have Fun, Winning Isn’t Everything
The 9 NSYS Standards: 
  • Equal Opportunity 
  • Safety
  • Proper Equipment
  • Values
  • Parental Involvement
  • Adequate Qualifications
  • Positive Experiences 
  • Holistic Development
  • No Harmful Substances


The NSYS Framework is intended to guide the various participants and stakeholders of the youth sporting community in Singapore, so as to keep to the NSYS Philosophy. 

Stakeholders include:
  • Coaches and Sports Instructors
  • Parents, Guardians and Educators
  • Youth
  • Sports Officials and Event/Competition Organisers
  • Sports Managers and Administrators
  • Members of the Media and Photographers
  • Spectators and General Public
  • Corporate Organisations and Businesses

nsys framework

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