Enhancing the Quality of Sporting Experience in Schools

Singapore , 23 May 2018

 “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Warren Bennis

While students and teachers were busy with mid-year exams in the month of May, Sport CCA Coaches & Teachers from Evergreen and St. Hilda’s Secondary school were busy crafting the possibilities to translate the visions for their school sports teams into reality. These schools have taken the first step to recognise that it takes a much more deliberate and integrated effort between school leaders, teachers, and coaches to foster a positive school sports culture, that would in turn facilitate the effective character development of student athletes.

Led by CoachSG’s Character & Leadership Development (CLD) Team, the first series of leadership development workshops brought together Sports CCA Coaches and Teachers as a collective community, to build a shared vision and commitment towards creating a culture that would enhance the quality of sporting experiences in their respective schools.


St Hilda’s Principal, Mrs Jancy Lim, Opening the workshop at St. Hilda’s Secondary


CCA Coaches & Teachers in discussion about the Vision for their respective Sport


Eliza Tan, from CoachSG (CLD), leading the session


Teachers & Coaches sharing about their Vision statements with other CCAs in World Cafe Style



Building Culture: Taken from: https://www.torbenrick.eu/blog/culture/corporate-culture-is-driving-the-strategy-or-undermining-it/

 The 3 hour session facilitated conversations between CCA coaches & teachers about:

  1. Their Vision – What do we want our school’s Sports Teams to be respected and known for?
  2. Values – How do our school values play a part in the vision we set out to achieve?
  3. Behaviours – What kind of practices & specific behaviours are we looking out for in our athletes on and off the court?
  4. Shared Responsibility - How do we work together as a team of CCA teachers and coaches to illustrate and reinforce these Values & behaviour standards to our athletes?

Take a look at some of the examples that were put together here.


“Character is not automatically built through sport, but only through the consistent and persistent efforts of parents, teachers, and coaches will sportsmanship and other positive values be learned and demonstrated.”

- Angela Lumpkin (2011) Building Character through Sport, Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators


CLD is delighted to be partnering Evergreen Secondary, St. Hilda’s Secondary, and Admiralty Primary who have agreed to take the first step on this journey. We look forward to the positive changes & practices this collective community of CCA teachers & coaches will bring!! If you are a coach coaching a CCA team or a CCA teacher in charge, it may be useful to consider the above discussion questions to enhance the quality of sporting experiences in your school.

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"The school recognizes that it takes several groups of people (eg. CCA teachers and coaches) to bring about effective character development. Through the workshop, we are glad to see our CCA teachers and coaches getting together as One Team to work towards a same vision and commitment to develop good positive sports culture in the school." ~Richard Lian, HOD PE/CCA, St Hilda Secondary



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