Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy adopts Game for Life

Singapore , 23 Mar 2016

Real Madrid Technical Foundation Academy Singapore Adopts Game-for-Life


Game for Life helps Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy Singapore develop their young footballers holistically with an effective framework that facilitates their strategic inclusion of values into training sessions.

While the Game-for-Life (GFL) framework has already been adopted by some local schools, the Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy Singapore (“RMFTA”) is the first private sports academy to adopt the GFL framework.

RMFTA has embraced the GFL framework as it is very much aligned with its values-based focus on their players’ holistic development, which forms an integral part of its training philosophy. It has helped RMFTA facilitate a more effective learning process and has proven to be a great tool in its constant endeavour to ensure that its players become not only just better footballers, but also better people at the same time.

Read more about how Game for Life has impacted the coaches and players at Real Madrid Foundation Technical Academy Singapore.

Sport Singapore together with the RMFTA coaches will be organising a sharing session on the Game-for-Life toolkit and values-based coaching. The sharing session will be on:

  • Date: 11th May (Wednesday)
  • Time: 9.30a.m. – 12.30p.m.
  • Venue: Sport Singapore HQ

To register your interest for the session, please fill in the form here. This session is opened to sport coaches only.

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