Game For Life Presentation In Oxford

Singapore , 01 Nov 2014

LDD presents Game For Life at 3rd Global Conference: Sport - Probing The Boundaries

Oxford Game For Life    Oxford Game For Life

Participants to a sports conference in the UK were given an insight into how meaningful participation in sport can help develop the body, mind and spirit; while at the same time, help prepare themselves for the future challenges – be it in careers or studies.   

Speaking at the conference entitled “3rd Global Conference: Sport – Probing the boundaries”, representatives from the Sport Singapore Leadership and Development team shared how positive outcomes through sport are dependent on intentional design of lessons which contributes to deliberate intervention by the educator/coach and creates an environment that is specifically catered to foster growth and development. The team also shared how Sport Singapore has also developed a Game for Life toolkit that is specifically designed to equip sport educators and coaches with the ability to integrate character, values and leadership development through sports effectively.

Comprising of a guide and a resource book , the Game for Life toolkit focuses on intentional design that will enable instructors, coaches and educators to use situations and roles inherent in sport to create “teachable” moments. These “teachable” moments should address character and leadership development needs in youths and areas of improvement in corporate teams to produce a more productive workforce. The toolkit is also versatile enough to be infused into any sport lesson design and curriculum for educational institutes and corporates.

Overall, the presentation was well received by the conference participants with enquiries on the Game For Life toolkit from academics in relevant fields.

The presented paper may be downloaded here.


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