The SEP endorses a wide range of quality sports education programmes for students:

Programmes endorsed under SEP may include awards in the form of certifications, badges, qualifications, and skill awards. Schools may check with the respective National Sports Associations to find out if these awards are recognised. 

All schools should take note of the following points regarding sports education programmes.

Prior to the engagement of sports service providers:

  • Verify that the sports programme is listed as an endorsed programme under SEP 2014/15
  • Ensure that the instructor-to-student ratio adheres to the recommended ratio as stated on the SEP Portal
  • Do not alter the contents of the events/programmes endorsed under the SEP, such as: 
    • Name
    • Category
    • Sports type
    • Session description

Before the conduct of Programme:

  • Ensure that coaches/instructors conducting the programme are listed as eligible for the endorsed programme under SEP 2014/2015
  • Check that all coaches’ first aid certifications are valid
  • Number of eligible coaches/instructors must meet the coach/instructor-to-student ratio for the indicated group size 
    • e.g. 2 coaches are required if the ratio stated is 1:10 with a indicated group size of 20
  • Ensure that all important and necessary safety procedures and safeguards are properly designed and put in place [Refer to ANNEX A under SEP Schools Agreement]

After the Programme:

  • Obtain soft copies of invoices with indication of the SEP Endorsed Programme Name & Programme ID (as listed in the SEP portal from the Sports Service Providers)
  • Login to update draft Programme Report on within 2 weeks after completion of every event/programme. The Programme Report should be submitted as final at the end of the year
  • Within 2 weeks of the completed event/programme, login to the SEP website to submit feedback 

Coaches who are not registered under the SEP 2014/15 programmes are considered ineligible to conduct any events/programmes. Schools are to report all ineligible coaches by emailing to

We seek your assistance to ensure that all teachers/personnel overseeing the conduct of SEP programmes adhere to all the above. We look forward to your continued support for SEP.

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