SportCares Partnership Schemes

Harnessing sport for social change is all about teamwork: different partners bringing different strengths to the table. Because we understand that together, we can go further and do better in changing lives through sport.

Partner with us to bring the big spirit of sports to the arena of social change.

Write to us at to find out how you can be part of our community of care through the SportCares Partnership Schemes.



  • Adding a new dimension of care for partners that have yet to organise sport programmes for their constituents
  • Enhance existing sport offering for the organisations’ constituents
  • Engendering community start-ups to use sport for social good

How We Support

  • Grant for start-ups
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Bursaries & Scholarships
  • Joint sport programming
  • Event partnerships

Corporates, Private Foundations & Business Associations

  • Helping corporate partners deliver effective CSR that meet the needs of the intended constituents
  • For sport businesses, linking up with constituents and co-designing programmes that leverages on the business’ core strengths

How We Support

  • Staff volunteer training and opportunities
  • Matching company’s expertise to benefit vulnerable communities
  • Joint sport programming


  • Delivering greater outreach together to benefit the vulnerable segments of society
  • Ensuring the vulnerable segments of society and equitable access to sport offerings by NSA/NDSAs
  • Opportunities for NSA/NDSA athletes to give-back to society

How We Support

  • Partner programming (with social service organisations, schools or special education schools)
  • Athletes volunteer training & opportunities
  • Equipment & facilities
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