Reply To Forum Letter In The Straits Times: "Relook Auto 'Opt In' On ActiveSG Site"

07 May 2014

In response to a Forum Letter in The Straits Times ("Relook auto ‘opt in’ on ActiveSG site", 5 May 2014):

No Auto ‘Opt-In’

We refer to Mr Sim Eng Cheong’s letter, “Relook auto ‘opt in’ on ActiveSG site” dated 5 May 2014.

We would like to clarify that there was no automatic ‘opt in’ in the registration process to be an ActiveSG member. The ActiveSG membership management system complies with government rules on data protection, which is consistent with the Personal Data Protection Act.  We respect the wishes of our members who have registered with the “Do Not Call Registry”.

When filling up the online application to become an ActiveSG member, users would be presented with two unchecked boxes indicating how they would prefer to receive updates – either through SMS or phone call. It is not necessary for users to check any of these two options to complete the registration process. The presentation screen might have caused some confusion and we would like to thank Mr Sim for his feedback. We will endeavour to make this clearer to our customers.


Lai Chin Kwang
Chief, ActiveSG
Sport Singapore

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