Enhanced SwimSafer to improve Singaporeans’ water survival and swimming competency

Singapore , 19 Feb 2018

SwimSafer 2.0, the enhanced programme, will provide participants with a more rigourous water survival and swimming competency programme. The revamped programme comes with a revised syllabus and assessment approach, together with enhanced instructor quality through training and re-certification to provide quality learning for participants. It also incorporates an online quiz on water safety knowledge for participants to consolidate their learning.


“Swimming and engaging in water activities are popular pastimes for Singaporeans. Last year, over 7.2 million people used our pools. While we encourage more people to be active through sport and physical activity, we must always play safe and stay safe,” said Mr Lai Chin Kwang, Chief, ActiveSG.


“Equipping a person with water safety knowledge and skills can make a difference between life and death. SwimSafer has helped to equip many Singaporean adults and children with essential water survival skills since its inauguration. We will continue to enhance the programme to maintain its quality and relevance,” Mr Lai added.


Key changes

  1. Syllabus – There will be greater focus on water survival skills and swimming competencies, through a stronger emphasis on participants’ practice time and skills progression. An online quiz has also been added to the enhanced version. This will help participants consolidate their knowledge of water safety, including a better understanding of the differences between swimming in a pool and in other water conditions. Upon completion of the online quiz and practical assessment, participants will receive an electronic certificate.


  2. Assessment Protocol – Instead of assessing separate skill-sets, participants are now required to demonstrate relevant skills in a sequence that mirrors water survival situations more realistically.  This will allow participants to showcase their competencies more effectively and efficiently, and ensure participants have fully mastered the skills imparted.


  3. Professional Development and Certification of Instructors – Instructors are now required to renew their certification every three years with mandatory hours of continuous coach education to ensure that they are up-to-date with content knowledge and pedagogical practices.


In 2017, more than 68,000 participants took part in the SwimSafer programme. SwimSafer was launched in 2010 as an integration of the Learn to Swim Programme and the National Survival Swimming Award programme, with the aim of providing Singaporeans from diverse age groups with a national water safety programme. All MOE primary schools currently offer SwimSafer to their students, as part of PE lessons, and will adopt the enhanced programme from 2018. 

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