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Singapore , 04 Feb 2018

PM Lee at official opening of Active Health Lab at HBB

  • Active Health shows that simple and progressive changes to your habits help you live better
  • Over 1,400 individuals, friends and families took ownership of their health and wellness during the pilot phase at Our Tampines Hub
  • Served by certified experts, the second and largest Active Health Lab at Heartbeat@Bedok is a one-stop place for all to begin their journey to living well

Singapore, 2 February 2018 – For 27-year-old Joseph Chen, he aspires to remain physically and mentally active for the next 50 years and more. He wants to do what his heart desires and be happy at every stage of his life. So, when he stepped into the Active Health Lab at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) in December last year, he was intrigued by the fact that simple incremental changes to his lifestyle habits can make his dreams come true.

Like Joseph, if you have a dream, let’s go on a journey to embrace and celebrate every moment of our lives through Active Health. “We believe that we can all ‘Celebrate Living’ through progressive and enjoyable adoption of healthy habits.  Being active, eating and sleeping well, and managing our obsession with our mobile phones or screen habits are part of the repertoire of living well. Through Active Health we can be more aware of what we would want to improve and how we could go about it,” said Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Sport Singapore.

PM Lee Loheing with participants of Active Health Nutrition workshop 

Active Health, a social movement to encourage Singaporeans to proactively take ownership of their health and wellness, opened its first lab at OTH in August last year. The first Lab has seen over 1,400 participants taking part in the On-boarding programme since its opening.

During this period, the On-boarding group sessions were conducted for people who were interested in finding out more about how to manage their health and wellness based on the four domains of Physical Activity, Screen Time, Sleep and Nutrition. This hour-long programme helped the participants have a better understanding of their current health and fitness levels, and picked up tips on how they can incorporate small improvements to their health habits in daily life.

PM Lee watching an Active Health onboarding session 

“We learnt much from those we engaged during a pilot last year, and enjoyed the process of co-creating the offerings with those participants. We are delighted with the strong interest in health and wellness amongst Singaporeans and we saw that by encouraging and celebrating the progress of those that came forward, they in turn brought others along.  That is in essence what Active Health is about – friends, families and work colleagues enjoying their Active Health journey together because it is interwoven into their lifestyle”, added Mr Lim.

Active Health at Heartbeat@Bedok
Officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 4 February 2018, Singaporeans will now have another Lab at Heartbeat@Bedok (HBB) to find out more on how to take ownership of their health through this one-of-its-kind proactive space for providing preventive health and exercise advisory.

Spanning across a total of 572sqm, the lab is located on the fourth and fifth floor of the integrated lifestyle hub, with a discovery zone which is located on the first floor of the hub.

Active Health Discovery and Watsons Health Concept store are co-located on the first floor of Heartbeat@Bedok to offer patrons a self-guided introduction to Active Health with tips on how to manage their health and wellness, as well as information on related products. It is designed to provide an integrated platform where residents can adopt a proactive approach towards their well-being and health with greater ease. It is the first-of-its-kind experiential space that encourages consumers to discover more about their own health and live their dreams.

The Active Health Lab is located on the fourth and fifth level of the integrated hub. The Lab will offer on-boarding sessions, functional fitness assessments, themed classes and workshops to help people have a better understanding of how they can take steps to manage their health and wellness.

Partnerships and Much More
Since our MOU signing with the healthcare partners in July last year, many from the public and private sectors have shown great interest in Active Health. The Labs at OTH and HBB work with the Health Promotion Board on offering Active Health programmes, Changi General Hospital and Exercise is Medicine Singapore on medical referrals and training of Active Health Experts. At HBB, Watsons has come on-board to be part of the Active Health Discovery space.

“We are encouraging an aspirational mind-set around adopting a healthy and active lifestyle with the Active Health framework, and through ActiveSG and our partners. We will also be rolling out an Active Health app where adopters can follow simple and effective testing protocols, access information on the go about their current health parameters and also to get advice on how to invigorate their personal habits in the four domains of Physical Activity, Sleep, Nutrition and Screen Time. It will be a social app that makes it fun to receive feedback and at the same time help us to progress in our journey”, said Mr Lim.

Mr Lim also reminded that the lab and the app are two components of the framework. “It is not just about the infrastructure and technology, but also access to our professional Active Health Expert team that will convince you that it is easy and fun to be healthy and well.”

For more information, log on to www.activehealth.sg

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