Nutrition Boost for spexBusiness Network

Singapore , 03 Aug 2017

  Nutrition Boost for spexBusiness Network


F&N Foods Pte Ltd and Nestlé Singapore have joined the spexBusiness network, bringing the total number of partners to 52. This exclusive network of companies is committed to help Team Singapore athletes cope effectively with their dual demands of sports and career and to provide them with opportunities that will prepare them to transit into post-sports careers.


Mr Toh Boon Yi, Chief, Singapore Sports Institute said, “Increasingly, the commitment and offerings from the spexBusiness network to our athletes are becoming broader and deeper. There are many opportunities for our corporates to support our athletes. Whether it is during or after their playing days, corporates could wrap their support around our athletes’ needs. After all, we are Team Singapore and part of the larger community in enhancing high performance sports for our nation.”


Other than providing flexible work arrangements and preparing them for post-sports career transition, the two new spexBusiness partners will support athletes’ high performance development in maintaining a proper nutritional intake with quality nutritious products during their training and recovery. The three-year partnership will amount to a value-in-kind of $30,000 and $20,000 every year from F&N and Nestlé respectively.


Highlighting that F&N has been a long-time supporter and active participant in Singapore’s sporting scene,
Ms Jennifer See, General Manager, F&N Foods Pte Ltd said, “We are delighted to be able to further broaden our advocacy of the development of sports in Singapore through strengthening our collaboration with Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) by joining the spexBusiness network to help our athletes manage the dual demands of sport and career. We will support the hydration and post-recovery needs of our athletes during their training and competition periods with our wide portfolio of nutritious and healthy products.  We are pleased to contribute to the holistic high performance sports system led by SSI.”



Emphasising on enhancing the quality of life of Team Singapore athletes with nutrition, Mr Chow Phee Chat, Director, Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs of Nestlé Singapore said, “We are committed to this partnership with SSI and are excited to support Team Singapore athletes with holistic nutrition and career opportunities. At Nestlé our mission is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future – so offering tastier and healthier choices backed by robust research and development capabilities, is ingrained into what we do. Beyond workplace opportunities, we look forward to fuelling our national heroes with healthier and tastier food and beverages which energise and empower them to excel in both sports and life.”


Elite athletes train daily and some even multiple times a day. Having quick and easy access to food that provide carbohydrates, proteins, fluid and electrolytes hastens post-training recovery and allow athletes to train at their best again and again. Products such as milk, soy milk, cereal bar and isotonic drinks are ideal as they contain the key nutrients required for recovery. F&N and Nestle provide products that athletes are familiar with, making the process of recovery nutritional and enjoyable.

Our athletes welcomed F&N and
Nestlé with much gratitude. Said TeamSG Women’s Cricket Team Captain, Diviya G K: “More often than not, I am too busy to have a meal. On such days, I will just grab a packet of milk to fill me up as it will give me the necessary nutrients required. I am thrilled to find out that F&N and Nestlé are coming on board to supplement us with quality nutritious products.”


TeamSG Netballer, Charmaine Soh added, “We train every Monday to Friday evening and it’s not easy to get healthy meals when we have to rush from work for trainings. Having an energy bar or a packet of milk after my training helps in my daily recovery and I’m really grateful that through this partnership with F&N and Nestlé, SSI is able to provide quality nutrition choices for us.”



Competing at an elite level, it’s the small things like this that makes the difference in our performance. The nutritional food and beverages will allow us to gain easier access to hydration and recovery. It is also heartening to know that popular and trustworthy brands, like F&N and Nestlé are coming out to support us,” said TeamSG Silat Exponent, Nur Alfian.


 “Quality preparation requires me to train at least four times a week at the SSI Biomechanics Lab and recovery after every training is very important to me. Milk and energy bars benefit me by helping me to recover better and they are my energy boosters,” said TeamSG Paddler Jason Chee.


From now till 2020, Team Singapore athletes will be able to access and consume nutritional and hydrating products from F&N and Nestlé at the SSI’s Athletes’ Centre and Recovery Bar.  These include 100PLUS, MAGNOLIA Low Fat High Calcium Milk, ALIVE Boost Bar, ALIVE Renew Bar, NUTRISOY, COCO LIFE, MILO ready-to-drink and powder and MILO Cereal Bar.


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