Mastering Active Ageing

Singapore , 16 Oct 2017


A new ActiveSG Masters Club will team up with health and community partners to help Singaporeans 40 years old and above adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Beyond offering customised programmes for them, participants will get access to courses to learn new skills, as well as, volunteering opportunities with Team Nila.

Guest-of-Honour for the launch of the ActiveSG Masters Club at Heartbeat@Bedok was Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, who took part in an energetic Pound workout alongside more than 800 masters from various organisations from the corporate and community sector.

Ms Fu said, “I’d like to encourage all Singaporeans aged 40 and above to join the ActiveSG Masters Club. There will be many customised sports and programmes for members of all fitness levels and abilities. This is also an opportunity for us to make new friends and widen our social circles. So take that first step towards a more active lifestyle. We can all live better through sport at any age.”

Programmes for all fitness levels

There are currently many interest groups and programmes under the ActiveSG Masters Club that are available for Masters above the age of 40. These interest groups and programmes offer modified and tailored programmes so newcomers who have not been exercising regularly or have no knowledge on the sport can join in too.

Mr Mike Yoong, Fitness Instructor who conducts ActiveSG programmes for youths, masters and seniors, said “I have come across middle-aged adults who are reluctant to jump into a programme because they feel that they will not be able to keep up with their younger counterparts but yet do not want to join a programme for seniors for the fear of being perceived as one – and they end up choosing not to exercise. The Masters Club will give more people the flexibility to find a programme or sport that is suited for them.”

Value-adding Partnerships

The ActiveSG Masters Club are collaborating with health and community partners to tap on their knowledge and expertise to enhance the sporting experience of the Masters. The club already has more than 20 partners on board.

ActiveSG has been partnering the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) to execute Fit for FUNction (FFF) tests to evaluate and assess the physical capability of Masters around Singapore. Additionally, the club will offer Gym Tonic, an evidence-based strength-training programme, initiated by Singapore philanthropic house, Lien Foundation. This programme helps fight ageing-related declines in muscle strength and mobility with the help of special, pneumatic exercise machines that can track and analyse physical functions through customised software. 

Mr Lee Poh Wah, CEO of Lien Foundation, said, “Frailty need not be inevitable in old age. We believe that strength training holds the greatest promise in helping to stave off or even reverse physical frailty. Gym Tonic, which has been specially devised for Masters, aims to do just that.”

Value-adding Opportunities

The ActiveSG Masters Club enriches the lives of their participants by offering them opportunities to learn new skills and volunteer at sport events. Participants can gain leadership and sport technical skills and will assist in the running of the interest groups in the future. They will also help to curate the club’s programmes so as to create a conducive environment to build a strong social network through sport. Voluntary opportunities are aplenty with the club too. Participants can opt to volunteer under Team Nila, SportCares or even as Technical Officials at sport events.

Mr Lai Chin Kwang, Chief, ActiveSG said, “When you get older, you bring with you a wealth of experience that the younger generation can learn much from. Through the club, we hope to develop role models out of our Masters and give them an outlet where they will be able to pass down their knowledge and celebrate living with the younger generation.”

To join or find out more about the ActiveSG Masters Club’s programmes, visit To volunteer or find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities, visit Members of public can also head down to their nearest sport centre to speak to the guest officers for more information.

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