28th SEA Games Cauldron unveiled, marking the one-month Countdown to the Games

06 May 2015

SINGAPORE, 06 MAY 2015 – The Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) today provided insights into the 28th SEA Games cauldron, marking the one-month countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

Designed by a renowned team of Singapore architects, the cauldron is situated at the Waterfront Plaza which will see it close and accessible to the public. As one of the most recognisable and iconic structures of any major sporting event, this also makes it a fitting addition to the scenic Kallang Basin.

In its full 19.2m glory, the cauldron is an elegant sculptural art piece that embodies the thematic essence of the 28th SEA Games as well as the creative concept for the Opening Ceremony Show – the DNA, which connects individuals, communities and countries together in a unity of aspirations.

Made of stainless steel, it is an art piece with LED Mesh displaying information such as the time and weather during the Games. The design of the cauldron will be materialised by established local firm, Kingsmen – which is also one of the official sponsors of the 28th SEA Games.

“In line with our belief in creating people-centric designs, we are very privileged to have designed the purpose-built cauldron for the 28th SEA Games. The cauldron is an instrumental piece to the Games as it will house the flame that represents the region’s sporting aspirations.” said Seah Chee Huang, Director, DP Architects.

Lighting the cauldron of the Games together – The community torches up

In the spirit of getting the community involved in the Games, SINGSOC has also planned a series of community engagement initiatives to have the wider Team Singapore involved in the journey of the flame.

Mr Toh Boon Yi, Chief, Corporate and Community Outreach, SINGSOC Executive Committee, said, “The lighting of the Cauldron signifies the start of the Games and we want to begin the Games with the very people we set out to make the Games about – the community.”

Added Mr Toh, “At every juncture our communities will be a part of the torch up journey - By either co-creating a Torch-Up! public art installation, or by taking part in the countdown formations to the opening ceremony of the Games. With this, we are bringing five million voices together to Celebrate the Extraordinary.”

A series of Community Sports Festivals organised by the People’s Association will begin in the later part of May, where everyone will have the chance to get a preview of the Games torch. The community will also be involved in events like a mass walk/run and well-wishing sessions for Team Singapore athletes across three weekends leading up to the Games.

On the digital-front, the online game ‘NILA’s Quest’ has been collecting digital flames that will symbolically contribute to the SEA Games flame. To date, close to half a million flames have been collected from the region, in an effort to contribute to the overall journey of the flame.

Beyond these initiatives, other community events and opportunities for the community to come together include:

• The Songs of the Games contest
• ActiveSG SEA Games carnivals
• Carnivals at Kallang and Marina Bay during the SEA Games period
• Nila Run, Swim, Aquathlon for members of the public to experience being a SEA Games athlete

These community efforts will culminate in a Torch Parade on 4th June where the SEA Games flame will be officially lit and paraded around the Marina Bay. The flame will make the final journey to the cauldron on 5th June, to be lit during the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

A spectacular beginning to the Games

SINGSOC is also pulling all the stops to ensure that the lighting of the cauldron is one spectacular beginning to the Opening of the Games.

Helming the ceremonies through its Artillery Formation, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has been working hand in hand with SINGSOC and partners DP Architects and Kingsmen in the construction of the cauldron.

Colonel Lawrence Lim, Chairman of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (OCC) said, “We have worked very hard with our partners to design and build the cauldron over the past 12 months. We are very proud that this cauldron was designed and made in Singapore, and it will be a fitting resting place for the flame during the 12 days of Games. The finale of the opening ceremony will feature a Torch Relay, and this will culminate in the lighting of the cauldron followed by a dazzling fireworks display over the Kallang Basin.”

Creating memories for generations together

The Torch Relay to lighting the cauldron will involve athletes who have either competed or are competing in the 28th SEA Games, along with a few selected pairs of inter-generational athletes, to create memories for generations together.

Says COL Lim, “As one of the highlights of the Opening Ceremony, the 28th SEA Games flame will be transported across the Kallang Basin to the National Stadium. The Games Torch will be brought into the National Stadium by a number of torchbearers, and all spectators will be able to see and cheer on our torchbearers as it makes its way around the stadium.”

“The torchbearers have been selected from a variety of sports to symbolize how sports have grown in both breadth and depth in Singapore. The idea behind the inter-generational pair of athletes is to connote the nurturing and passing down of sporting values from one generation to another.” he added.


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