Local Communities "Buddy Up" To Promote Sports Safety

30 Jul 2013

Singapore, 30 July 2013 - Local communities gathered today in support of "Be Sports Safe, Buddy Up" - a simple idea that encourages people to bring along another person when engaging in sports so that they can look out for each other to reduce incidents and accidents. The campaign was launched by Mr Sam Tan, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

2. In the spirit of "Be Sports Safe, Buddy Up", some 20 partners have come forward to be part of the campaign. Support comes in various forms: schools as well as partners like the Sentosa Development Corporation, National Parks Board, and water theme park Wild Wild Wet, will have banners put up at their respective premises. In addition, students from ITE College East and West, Kranji Secondary School, Nan Chiau High School and Temasek Secondary School will run the upcoming "Buddy Up" roadshows and outreach activities, where they will help spread the word and educate fellow Singaporeans on sports safety. The latter is just one of the many activities under a safety ambassador programme called the Sports Safety Champs, which was launched in November last year.

3. Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Sports Council (SSC), said: "Buddy Up is a simple idea that can go a long way in ensuring the well being of everyone who plays sports. For example, swimming with a partner is better than swimming alone as both can look out for each other in case of incidents. It can save precious seconds and minutes especially in an emergency. Through the Buddy Up campaign, we hope to help everyone understand that sports safety is everyone's responsibility. We are delighted to have various members of the community join us in this journey to help Singaporeans live better through sports."

4. Meanwhile, "Be Sports Safe, Buddy Up" advocates have started to emerge in some constituents. They include senior members of the People's Association (PA) Wellness Programme in the South West District, who have seen the merits of partnering up when engaging in physical activity. Said Mr Goh Mong Lye, 62, an active Pickleball player in Boon Lay, said: "Not only do we play together, we eat together, we help each other improve, and we keep a close watch on one another." In this very spirit, the PA Wellness Programme plans to introduce trans-generational activities such as pairing up seniors with students to learn and play sport.
Other initiatives scaled up to promote sports safety
5. The "Be Sports Safe, Buddy Up" campaign builds on other sports safety initiatives. For example, in April 2013, some 149 sets of Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) were installed at facilities under the Dual Use Scheme, adding to the 80 over sets of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) already available at all of the SSC's 25 swimming pools, 16 gyms and 17 sports halls. Meanwhile, the Sports Safety Champs programme has recruited and trained some 1,800 individuals to date, up from about 260 in November last year. These Champs will be volunteering at various SSC sports facilities to educate the general public on the importance of sports safety and the 'Be Sports Safe, Buddy Up' initiative.


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