Singapore High Performance Sports Steering Committee

26 Feb 2013

Singapore, 26 February 2013 - The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth announced the formation of a Singapore High Performance Sports Steering Committee today. Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, will chair the Committee, which will be appointed for two years, starting 2013, and include key stakeholders from the Singapore National Olympic Council, Singapore National Paralympic Council, National Sports Associations (NSA), and members of the sporting fraternity. See Annex for the composition of the Steering Committee.

2. The Steering Committee will be providing strategic guidance on the national High Performance System (HPS). It is part of the Government's continued support for our Singapore athletes to pursue their sporting aspirations towards excellence. Specifically, the Terms of Reference of the Committee are:
  • To provide strategic guidance on the HPS.
  • To approve the award the Sports Excellence (SpEx) Scholarship. (The Sports Excellence Scholarship will provide selected athletes with support to train full-time.)
  • To approve the annual HPS plans for supported sports. (These refer to sports in which there are supported athletes.)

3. The HPS builds on the success of the Olympic Pathway Programme (OPP) and the existing sports excellence programme under the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). It provides a talent development pathway and tiered support structure. It will see the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), under the SSC, and NSAs working closely to provide athletes with more comprehensive support - in the areas of training, competition, coaching, sports medicine and sports science, and training allowances - to continue achieving sporting success at the major games and be sporting heroes and role models, whom Singaporeans can strongly identify with. The HPS will be supporting talented athletes along the entire sports excellence pathway and not only at the apex of the Sports Excellence pathway.

4. The HPS will also cater for an enhanced level of support for a selected group of athletes, under the Sports Excellence (SpEx) Scholarship, to allow them to train and compete full time in the same manner as athletes from established sporting nations.

5. The Steering Committee will be evaluating the first batch of athletes for the SpEx Scholarship in the next two months. Selection will be based on the assessed potential and demonstrated performance of the athletes. More details will be announced in due course.

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
26 February 2013
Annex: Singapore High Performance Sports Steering Committee
Composition of Committee

Mr Lawrence Wong
Ag Minister for Culture, Community and Youth

Mr Teo Ser Luck
Minister of State
Ministry of Trade and Industry

Dr Ben Tan
President, Singapore Sailing Federation

Mrs Deborah Tan
Principal, Singapore Sports School

Mr Edmond Pereira
Executive Director
Edmond Pereira Law Corporation

Mr Hugh Lim
Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Dr Lam Pin Min
President, Singapore Dragon Boat Association

Mr Ng Ser Miang
Vice President
Singapore National Olympic Council

Mr Richard Seow
Singapore Sports Council

Mr Tan Ju Seng
Singapore National Paralympic Council

Mr Tan Soo Nan
Chief Executive Officer
Tote Board

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