$50 Million Sponsorship Target For 28th SEA Games

03 Oct 2013

Regional event profile, link to Singapore's 50th anniversary celebrations and long term brand building offer compelling sponsorship opportunities

Singapore, 3 October 2013
- The 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games may be some two years away, but organisers are already deep into discussions with companies looking to sponsor the region's largest multi-sport extravaganza which will take place during Singapore's 50th anniversary year. While organisers have set their sights on attracting some $50 million in both cash and value-in-kind sponsorships, organisers highlighted that forging long term partnerships with businesses beyond the games is also a key priority.

2. Mr Richard Seow, Chairman of the 28th SEA Games Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee, said: "We are pleased by the interest we are seeing in our preliminary discussions with potential sponsors across a wide range of industries from MNCs to SMEs. Having gotten feedback from a good cross section of corporate leaders, many have shared their excitement for the SEA Games being hosted by Singapore again. Corporate branding and sponsorship for the SEA Games with a potential audience of 600 million presents compelling opportunities for local, regional and international corporations. The event's regional profile which will take place during Singapore's 50th anniversary celebrations and the opportunity for long term brand building topped the list of reasons why they see potential in sponsoring the games. Several corporates are also keen to see how we can customise sponsorship packages so that they can realise the benefits up to and after the SEA Games by using sport as a vehicle to enhance their brand image and activate their marketing or CSR programmes."
A Partnership That Extends Beyond the Games
3. Opportunities to sponsor specific sports or venues during the SEA Games and extending beyond that are available to sponsors who wish to tailor their sponsorship for the long term.

4. Said Mr Chaly Mah, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Asia Pacific and a member of the SINGSOC Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee: "Over the years, more companies are seeing sport as a multi dimensional vehicle that is able to connect them with their consumers at the personal and emotional level. For example, companies such as Singtel and DBS Bank have provided long term support for signature sports events like the Formula One and dragon boat race respectively that have become imprinted in people's minds over the years. The Return On Investment in sports sponsorship grows exponentially over time as these companies use sports to grow market share and enhance their brand equity. Companies looking at sponsoring the 2015 SEA Games should also consider continuing their involvement in sports beyond the games. They may want to see how they could spearhead an annual signature sports event that can become synonymous with their brand."

5. Mr Chan Chong Beng, President, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, who is also a member of the Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee, said: "Branding is a relatively nascent subject matter in SME circles. Nonetheless, many forward looking companies are beginning to see the value proposition of strong branding and how it will ultimately strengthen their bottomline. Sport is a powerful branding platform that SMEs should tap on as part of their growth strategy. The 2015 SEA Games is the perfect opportunity for companies to come on board and use sport as a platform to jump start their branding efforts. Being a regional event, this is a valuable opportunity not to be missed to reach out to their regional consumers."
A Compelling Event
6. The 28th SEA Games is expected to be one of the biggest regional sports events in 2015. Over 7,000 athletes and officials are expected at this event which will take place over 10 days during the June 2015 school holidays. To be held across multiple venues in Singapore including Singapore's new Singapore Sports Hub, organisers are committed to deliver a differentiated and unforgettable experience for everyone, in partnership with other partners and stakeholders.

7. The 28th SEA Games will have something for everyone, and not just sport aficionados. Programmes and activities would include F&B, entertainment as well as other elements for the whole family. The ticketing and pricing strategy will be carefully designed to ensure that the Games is accessible to all.

8. Ms Lim Sau Hoong, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Creative Director, 10AM Communications, who is also a member of the Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee said: "SEA Games 2015 doesn't just bring sportsmen and fans together, it is an opportune moment to connect brands with their audience. Leveraging on a viewership that reaches out to the region, brands can strengthen their position and aim to expand their presence. Ultimately, the SEA Games champions unity and camaraderie - whether it's between nations, athletes and their fans, or brands and their supporters."

9. This will also be the most digital games in Singapore's history. Organisers will develop a robust content strategy that can maximise reach: where content, once created, can be published and searchable everywhere - whether it is YouTube, Google, Facebook or other online media platforms. To sustain the virality of the Games, an Official 28th SEA Games documentary along with over 50 creative videos will be produced to feature athletes, coaches, and the various sports. On top of this, a targeted 600 web content articles will be created to activate search engines and seed social media traffic. These articles will be written by content creators and story-tellers to provide a different, compelling and heartfelt side of the Games.

10. Mobile applications will be built to provide Games related information on-the-go. The use of second screen technology is also being explored, to enhance visitors' on-venue experience as well as facilitate engagement with the social community.

11. Another member of the SINGSOC Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee, Mr John Vamvakitis, Head of Sport, Google Asia Pacific: "Digital provides a powerful and cost effective platform that will extend sponsors' reach beyond traditional channels. How far we can go using digital is limited only by our imagination. With the SEA region boasting one of the fastest growing digital adopters, digital will play a crucial role in engaging consumers during the games. Digital will also enable participants to enjoy the games in more ways than one for example through the use of second screens, mobile applications as well as social media."

12. The Games will be held in conjunction with Singapore's 50th anniversary - a major milestone in the Republic's history. The 28th SEA Games has been identified as one of the official major events that will be part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong, who is also the SINGSOC Steering Committee Chairman, is co-chairing the Culture & Community Committee under the Singapore 50 (SG50) Steering Committee.
Big Names in Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee
13. Apart from Mr Mah, Mr Chan, Ms Lim and Mr Vamvakitis, the sub-committee also includes other accomplished and experienced advisory committee members (see Annex A for list of members). They include heavyweights such as Mr Piyush Gupta from DBS, who is no stranger to the business community.

14. The advisory committee has had two meetings so far.

15. The 28th SEA Games will be held in Singapore from 5th June to 16th June 2015.


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Asia Facebook subscribers are for December 31, 2012. (3) Population estimates are based mainly on data from the US Census Bureau.(4) The most recent usage comes mainly from data published by Nielsen Online , ITU , Facebook, official country statistics and other trustworthy local sources.(5) Data consolidated fromInternet World Stats.(6) Alex Balfour, Head of New Media, LOCOG at eConsultancy's JUMP2012 event.

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